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Friday, February 26, 2021



                                A Picture tells the Story!  

26/2/21 The Brown Tag and the Barbless Anglers were as silent as the lambs and there is a good reason for this, the lazy articles were not out there. Wind SSW light with reasonable cloud cover, I will finish today’s notes in the No Spin No Fly’s Opinion Zone and one very observant young lady reported this to me this evening with a photo followed by a comment, all I can say is thanks for that Susan and you have the stage so take it away.

Hi Vincent, it looked lovely today on the lake, I am just wondering why there was not any boats out today, is this all to do with the locals not getting brown tags, it is a shame this tagging system cannot be sorted, it is also a shame to see this beautiful lake empty, Susan.

Thursday, February 25, 2021



25/2/21 You could say the calm after the storm and here are today’s facts, there were 3 Brown tag boats manipulating their skills and one Barbless fishing this day and sadly all were fruitless, except for the Kelt department, one brown tag boat caught two on the troll and one on the fly which is great to see Kelts caught. Wind WNW then veered WSW light.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

24/2/21 Sorry for no report yesterday my Net was down!


                                     Mr. Greg Sutton RIP


23/2/21 Waterville Fishery lost another great fly Angler to the Heavenly waters, so it is with great sadness, I have to report to you that UK and Currane fly Angler Mr. Greg Sutton RIP of the UK passed away on Monday and on behalf of all the Currane anglers and all the good people of Waterville and Kerry our Sincere Sympathies to all Greg’s Family and friends. May Greg RIP

      Wild Lough Currane Photo by Tam

The Currane anglers were at a standstill as the Orang rain and yellow wind warning took control, as you can see by the photo taken by local angler Mr. Tam Hitmiangsong, that sums up today’s action.


24/2/21 After big floods yesterday there was just one hand me down Brown Tag boat out and by all accounts he was well browned off and Salmonless. Wind West Southwest fresh and overcast. Now we head for the email department on the No Spin No Fly’s just Facts opinion zone. Today’s email is from Susan, so take it away Susan.

   River Inn After the big Flood click link

Hi Vincent if brown tag quota is not reached this year will Waterville lake be closed next year, I am disgusted at the handling of brown tags as only locals can fish Currane and no tags by them, surely, they cannot close lake or introduce catch and release, something not right here especially in the times were living in, Susan.

Monday, February 22, 2021



                   Lough  Currane Today 

22/2/21 Again the wild winds of Currane prevented the Brown and Barbless anglers from heading out this day, staying with the forecast it is not looking good with an orange rain warning with 25.9 mm rainfall for Waterville, followed by strong Southerly winds tomorrow. So, on that note we head for the email department on the No Spin No Fly’s just Facts opinion zone. Today’s email is from Martin so take it away Martin.

Hi Vincent quick question I don’t know if you can answer it or not, with lock down set to continue will brown tag draw just between locals? just wondering as some brown tags drawn in January haven’t been on lake yet, surely common sense has to be used by fisheries, Martin   

Sunday, February 21, 2021



21/2/21 Currane was all quiet on all fronts this day as Lough Currane rises fast after the big flood.  Wind SSW fresh with bright sunshine all day.   

Saturday, February 20, 2021


 20/2/21 Again the Currane Anglers were forced to stay on dry land thanks to a strong SSE this morning and veered SSW in the afternoon. Amount of rainfall yesterday was 23.4 mm.            

Friday, February 19, 2021



19/2/21 Lough Currane was at a standstill with a strong wind from the SW with the odd violent gust followed by heavy showers and talking of rain it made a good flood last night going by the Inny this morning, on that note we head for the email department of the No Spin No Fly’s just Facts opinion Zone and Alan has a few words to say, so take it away Alan.

Great to see the first Salmon on Currane, and on the fly as well, I knew it wouldn’t be long, well done Dom you’re keeping the diehard flag flying, surely if the fisheries have any respect for the local diehards, they will give you your brown tag now, great photos yesterday Vincent, we can always rely on you for good reporting, Alan.