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Thursday, December 5, 2013

5/12/13 Breaking News from the Waterville Fishery

News and Events December 2013
This year's parr are graded .......
In addition to the 13,500 salmon fry released into the upper catchment
a further 2,500 have now been fin clipped and successfully released
downstream of the hatchery today. We have another 5,000 well grown
parr, which will now be released in the New Year! We will be occupied until then
catching up salmon for next year's program! This means that Tom O'Shea,
on behalf of Waterville Fisheries Development Group has produced 21,000
fish from the hatchery this year, a massive increase from the same number
.....fin clipped.......
of broodstock salmon caught up last year! A total of 15 hen fish and 9 cock
fish, caught up on the Cummeragh River last December have produced this
amazing result.A marvellous effort! Thanks to Tom and all the volunteers
and especially to Frank, Jimmy, John and James on the RSS team 

Committee Chairman Tadhg O'Sullivan and our Secretary Kevin O'Sullivan 
attended the Galway Fly Fair encountered a good deal of interest in the
work we do here, in particular our Court Action for Judicial revue against the 
...and released back into the Cummeragh by Jimmy O'Sullivan!!
Government's granting of a new licence to extend the Salmon Farm at Deenish
Island. A good number of  donations were received for this expensive court 
action and we would ask again here for all the financial help you can give to

the Fund. Please visit the Donation  page on this site to make your contribution!

Monday, December 2, 2013

29/11/13 Bob hits 60

Phil, Bob, Ann
29/11/13 Breaking news, renowned Waterville Gillie Mr. Bob Priestly had a big surprise when he headed for the Lobster Bar for his Friday evening pint, and for good reason, He was going down for quiet pint to celebrate his 60th birthday and what a shock he got when he saw his good Sister and Brother , Ann and Phil, who came with their families, from the UK to celebrate Bob’s great day, and of course all his friends, who I might add came from all over Ireland for his party, and not forgetting the good people of Waterville, and I can tell you there was a cracking party laid on with good local entertainment in the singing department as you will see on You Tube in the next few days. So on Bob’s behalf I would like to thank the Landlady of the Lobster Bar Mrs Sheila O’Carroll and all her Bar Staff for laying on a cracking party.          
The best of Mates