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Friday, April 12, 2024



12/4/2024. Just two boats out and in the words of local Gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of, no good. Now we head for Facebook nonsense. Could someone please tell me how technology tells Facebook that last night’s notes were violent and graphic content? Wind fresh SW variable and overcast all day and followed by misty rain. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 10. 2mm, amount of sunshine 0.0.   

Thursday, April 11, 2024



11/4/2024. reports that there were 3 boats out, all their lines were slack. Wind SSE light to fresh and variable. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall, maximum air temperature 13.2c, amount of sunshine 0.0.     


Wednesday, April 10, 2024



10/4/2024. Local gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of reports that there were just two boats out and all quiet on all fronts. Now we head for the Currane angler’s view. Now to put the record straight on the no camping zone? The Mad Fisherman was no where to be seen, but the Honest Fisherman was, so here is his Honest opinion. The stage is yours Honest Fisherman.


 just to let you know Vincent, this camping on the lakes has nothing to do with the Vincent the mad fisherman, I was the one who was approached by one of the committee members not the landowner I may say I am also known as Chris honest fisherman   Vincent is also a good friend of mine.

Staying with the Honest Fisherman and the Mad Fisherman saga. Colin has his say, the stage is yours Colin.

For those who haven’t already, please check out Vincent Donnelly aka The Mad Fisherman videos on his YouTube channel Find   yourself reconnecting with the craic and pure joy of fishing and the beautiful great outdoors. - I’ve nothing to do with these guys apart from being a fan and enjoying watching the videos, but please don’t spoil the joy. You’ll find yourself smiling watching these.

Today’s weather, wind SW fresh to strong and overcast all day, followed by a few showers. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 2.1mm, amount of sunshine 8.5, maximum air temperature 11.8c.     







Tuesday, April 9, 2024



9/4/2024. The Currane anglers were all quiet in all departments this day. Now we head for the Currane anglers view on The Mad Fisherman and for good reason, David, a fellow Currane angler reply’s to last night’s point of view by Pat. The stage is yours David.

Well said Pat, Waterville has lost its way a little bit, first it was the Inny river then the Commeragh river and now the upper lakes, they seem to be pricing the anglers out of the place the money they charge-to fish these places unless Ur a member is disgusting and now you’re not allowed to camp by the lake , I ask myself do they want these places all to themselves, something not right  here, last year we were told no worming on rivers but every time I passed inny and Commeragh they were being wormed, what the hell is going on. Save our seatrout and worms allowed disgusting, and what Paul said yesterday was 110% right, poaching is out of hand in Waterville, and nothing being done.


Now to the weather, Wind light to fresh NW, WNW, W followed by reasonable cloud cover, Yesterdays weather, amount of rainfall 0.8mm., amount of sunshine 0.4, maximum air temperature 9.4c.  



Monday, April 8, 2024


8/4/2024. There were four boats out and all quiet on all fronts this day as sweet Kathleen left the Currane waters. Wind NNE and veered NNW fresh to strong, average speed 40 km/h, average gusts speeds 50 km/h plus. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 4.1mm, amount of sunshine 9.0, maximum air temperature 12.2c.

 Now to the Currane anglers View from Pat, on the Mad Fisherman and his fellow Currane anglers. The stage is yours Pat.

 Fair play to Chris for being honest posting it was him that was told no camping up by the lakes and not Vincent the mad Fisherman,  one thing I will say I've made friends down in Waterville over the years I have put them up in my house when they were up in cork for hospital appointments "concerts and flying out of cork on holidays never did I take a cent off of any of them, I got invites back but I have three kids that love fishing and I wouldn't impose on anyone with three kids in tow" I book in in Waterville with them a few years ago we'd rent a house or stay in the bayview which they loved Haulie and the staff were great to them, what I'm saying is it cost nothing to be nice especially in this day and age" and money isn't everything there no trailer on a hearse, there's few joys left in life family camping and fishing, seriously I hope sense prevails and we can all enjoy our weekends away in Waterville again.

Sunday, April 7, 2024


Ballinskelligs Bay Today

7/4/2024. Storm Sweet Kathleen was still in control of the Currane anglers today, in the words of one Currane angler, it’s mad out there. So, on those words of wisdom we will head for the Currane anglers View, on The Mad Fishermen. Currane angler. Christopher the stage is yours.

Hi Vincent, just to let you know it was Chris the honest fisherman that was down in Waterville the weekend and was told no more camping on the upper lakes , after 35 years and most weekends up on the lakes never did the landowners have anything to say about camping overnight, they are very welcoming and often stop for a chat, I have to say I was quite taken back when I was approached by one of the committee members and told not to camp there no more, the only thing I can say is I hope they reverse their decision so all can get back to normal.

Now Currane angler Paul takes the stage.

Unbelievable how 1 or 2 committee members can have so much of a negative impact on the fishery. They should be glad of the publicity from the videos, especially as it’s a brown trout fishery these days due to the poaching on the river. No salmon or seatrout in the upper lakes for last few years.


Back to today’s Weather, Wind WSW average speed 40 km/h, gusts up to 60 km/h, followed by April showers. Yesterday’s weather amount of rainfall 6.5mm, amount of sunshine 3.8, maximum air temperature 13.1c.


Saturday, April 6, 2024



6/4/2024. Storm Kathleen was the only angler out this day, sadly the Currane anglers didn’t fancy going out with sweet Kathleen and quite rightly so too. Another fan of the Mad Fisherman gives his take on this great loss to the Waterville Fishery, Hi Vincent, it’s very sad that Vincent Donnelly doesn't fish the upper lakes anymore. The way he promoted Waterville, and the lakes was second to none. The way he was treated by the club was a disgrace. Also, the "no camping anymore" is just another stupid rule being made up as they go. The landowners have absolutely no issues in camping there. Once again politics and egos take control. Hopefully he will find a new spot and the people there will appreciate his videos and his promoting. Now back to today’s weather wind strong SW followed by strong gusts up to 109 km/h and followed by broken cloud and showers. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 20.2mm, amount of sunshine 0.0, maximum air temperature 13.5c                    

Friday, April 5, 2024



5/4/2024 I start today’s Currane news on a first-class comment on the Mad Fisherman, by Pat, the stage is yours Pat.

Vincent Donnelly and his YouTube videos promoted Waterville better than any Kerry tourism board could," many anglers overseas see how magical and beautiful Waterville is through his videos and many are in them,  fishing has become very slack the last number of years but a few of us still go to Waterville just to enjoy the place the beautiful scenery fishing is secondary if we catch nothing fine if we do it’s a bonus "spend our money on the local economy have the craic in the bars after, life too short enjoy it for the moment that’s in it, you only get one trip on the bus, be nice to see Vincent back down there sure we might give him an Oscar,  Pat.


Now to today’s No Spin No Fly’s just Facts.


All the Currane anglers flies and lures were a no go and for good reason, it was wild out there with gusts up to 76 km/h average speed 51 km/h, overcast all day and followed by rain in the afternoon. So, you can say storm Olivia had her say today, now it’s storm Kathleen that hits Kerry around 7am so batten down the hatches. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 15.7mm, amount of sunshine 1.9, maximum air temperature 13.2c.                

Thursday, April 4, 2024



4/4/2024. Reports that there were 7 boats out today, their flies and their lures were being manipulated beautifully but sadly the wild Currane Atlantic Salmon were all quiet this day. Wind light and variable SE, SSE, S, SSW, S, SSE, and overcast, followed by rain. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 3.4mm, amount of sunshine 2.7, maximum air temperature 12.2c. Now we head to the complaints department and one Waterville fishery Angler has his say, David, the stage is yours.

  Hi Vincent I was just wondering is it because you’re not allowed camp by the lakes is that the reason we don’t see Vincent Donnelly fishing videos about his trips to Waterville anymore , we really really miss his videos the fishing and the scenery, surely the angling club have to change this rule Vincent was brilliant for advertising the upper lakes and sometimes on currane with the shy man, his fry ups his love of Jameson all added to the joy he brought to so many people, please allow camping and bring back the mad fisherman. David         

Wednesday, April 3, 2024



3/4/2024. The Currane anglers were as calm as the Currane waters today, so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, to conclude, that their reels were as silent as the lambs? Wind light to calm and variable W, SW, SSW, S, SE, followed by reasonable cloud cover. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 7.4mm., amount of sun 0.2, maximum air temperature 11.6c.    

Tuesday, April 2, 2024


2/4/2024. The lonesome boatman of  reports there were five boats out and all reels were silent today, but their language was fluent, so on that poetic note we head for the weather, wind SE, SSE,S,SSE light and overcast all day and followed by April showers. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 2.5mm. amount of sun 4.0, maximum air temperature 13.2 c.

Sadly, now we head for Currane anglers who are not amused of the actions that have been taken place this 2024 season?  I received this today.


Hi Vincent is it true that we are not allowed to camp on the shores of the upper lakes anymore because the farmers don’t want us there , I find this very hard to believe because I always got on with all the farmers and they always said we are welcome here anytime , in my opinion it’s the club creating their own new rules and they have forgotten about the people that have supported them for years, I’m not very happy with these new rules so i might have to find new place to fish, from a very unhappy and let down angler.   

Monday, April 1, 2024



1/4/2024. Sadly, the Currane anglers take the April fools cup this day, as their lines stayed slack. Wind light ESE light veered SE and veered again in the afternoon into the WNW, followed by showers. Yesterday’s weather, sunshine 2.0, amount of rainfall 2.7mm, total amount of rainfall for the month of March, 135mm.