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Tuesday, March 21, 2023



21/3/2023 All Currane anglers were at a standstill today as a strong SSW wind took control of today’s proceedings, as the rain lashed down all day. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 12.3 mm and just for the record that doesn’t include the rainfall in mountainous areas.  

Monday, March 20, 2023



20/3/2023  Lough Currane was on the wild side this day, there were 4 boats out but their reels were all quiet. Wind SSW fresh to strong followed by heavy rain for most of the day.

Sunday, March 19, 2023



C&R 10 lbs. Salmon


19/3/2023 Renowned UK Currane fly angler Mr. Gary Humphrey had his prayers answered, he went out on this wild day with his Gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of and just for the record Mr. Gary Humphrey was Mr. Brod O’Sullivan’s client and you can say Brod guided Gary and Dominic to a fantastic day on Lough Currane and here is their facts of the day, while trolling down the Southside of Grassy Island they caught a fine 12lbs. Salmon and had a great battle by all accounts, the action didn’t stop there because they headed for the fly department and yes you have it, within a few minutes the fly rod was bent double and again their C&R 10 lbs. Salmon gave Gary a great battle as Dominic netted his fine Salmon, Gary said thank you Dominic for a great day’s fishing, Dominic replied don’t thank me thank Brod R.I.P. Wind SW fresh to strong. Just for the record Gary and Dominic were the only boat out today.                



Saturday, March 18, 2023


Dominic and Declan
Photo taken by 
18/3/2023 All the action comes from the fly department, Currane renowned fly angler Mr. Declan McEneaney while flyfishing with his guide Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of caught the first 10 lbs. Salmon on the fly this Season, so congratulations to Declan and his Guide Dominic. I asked Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy what fly did Declan catch it on and he told me that it was on a Brod O’Sullivan special, or you can say this first Salmon caught in 2023 is in memory of my good friend Mr. Brod O’Sullivan R.I.P

For the rest of the Currane anglers it was all quiet. Wind NE light fresh, followed by reasonable cloud cover. Just for the record there were 8 boats out and by all accounts there a few Kelts caught on the troll.     


Friday, March 17, 2023


Mr. Dave Mehigan 

17/3/2023 Lough Currane celebrates in Style this St. Patrick's Day and for good reason, Mr. Dave Mehigan caught a fine St. Patrick's Day 7.5 lbs. Salmon while trolling with his Guide. Wind SSE light fresh followed by heavy showers.  


Thursday, March 16, 2023


16/3/2023 Just two boats out and all quiet on the SW front but to be fair to the Currane anglers, Lough Currane was filthy after a big flood and the amount of rainfall recorded at Valentia weather station was 34.3 mm. Wind SSW fresh to strong with gusts at times with the odd bit of sun breaking through later in the afternoon.   

Wednesday, March 15, 2023



15/3/2023 Lough Currane was on the wild side, all Salmon and Sea Trout stations were closed as the SSW wind took control as the rain lashed down.     

Tuesday, March 14, 2023



14/3/2023 All the salmon C&R headlines go to Local Gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of and for good reason, while trolling caught a fine 7 lbs. Salmon as you can see by the picture and for the rest of the Currane Anglers it was all quiet on the SW front. Wind NNW and overcast followed by the odd shower.      


Monday, March 13, 2023


13/3/2023 It’s a very sad day for me to report that the Great Currane Angler Mr. Brod O’Sullivan R.I.P past away this morning, so on that sad note I will go back 60 years on his skilful manipulations on the Waterville Fishery. In 1963 as you can see by the picture Brod helped me play my first Wild Atlantic Salmon and as you know Brod caught the Salmon and I played it,( great memory’s)  Now we head down stream to Lough Currane, as we all know in 1964 Lough Currane got the Salmon disease and the first outboard motor was put on the lake by Mr. Brod O’Sullivan and I can tell the senior boatman were not in favour of the outboard motors but fair play to Brod he kept to his outboard motor and I can tell you it wasn’t long before his fellow Gillie’s put their oars to rest. Now we head across to the River Inny, the year was August 1965 in those day’s it wasn’t what you were going to catch but it was how many, if the conditions were right and that year they were, Brod and his clients caught 103 Salmon on the Inny in two weeks, a record in my opinion will never broken. Now we head out onto the Wild Atlantic, in the early seventies there was one hot summer, the lake was rock bottom so Brod headed out into Ballinskelligs Bay with his clients with their Mackerel feathers and caught 1500 Mackerel and Pollock in 3 hours, another record. Well Brod R.I.P you may have parted from the Waterville Fishery to the Heavenly waters fishing with your Son Anthony/ Tony R.I.P and your good wife Mary R.I.P making Her fine Soda bread. So on behalf of all the Currane Anglers and the good people of Waterville and all your clients we send our Sincere Sympathies to Sadie, Colette and Mary Denise; sister Mary & Family and his brother Paddy & Family; sons-in-law Pan, James and Mike; grandchildren Stephen, Keith, Kelly, Poppy & Laura; great-grandchild Killian; extended family, friends and neighbours. I would like to finish on a Quote from Brod’s  good friend and Currane angler Mr. Gary Humphrey.                           
Firs Salmon caught in 2015
R.I.P Legend  
Butler Pool 1963

On yje Lake late 1969?


Sunday, March 12, 2023



12/3/2023 All the Currane boats were laid up for the day as a strong SSW wind blew down the lake and followed by heavy rain at times throughout the day.  

Saturday, March 11, 2023


 11/3/2023 The Currane anglers were all quiet on all fronts. Wind WSW and veered W fresh and overcast.    

Friday, March 10, 2023



10/3/2023 All quiet on the Wild Atlantic Salmon run, Just for the record Currane Guide Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of reports that there were 3 boats out today. Wind East Southeast light and variable, followed by good cloud cover.      

Thursday, March 9, 2023


 9/3/2023 Local Guide Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of reports there were only two boats out today, on the Currane Wild Atlantic Salmon run all was quiet on the SW front. Wind ESE then veered SW and veered back into the NE in the afternoon. Followed by sleety rain falls at times.     

Wednesday, March 8, 2023


Snow on the Kerry Mountains 

8/3/2023 Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of reports that he was the only Currane angler out on Lough Currane today and the only thing he could report was that it was very cold out there which isn’t surprising considering the air temperature didn’t go above 3c and if you take  the wind chill into consideration it would feel like -2c Wind East light to fresh and overcast all day.  


Tuesday, March 7, 2023



7/3/2023 All quiet on the SW front as the Currane Boats were all laid up on this freezing cold day and just for the record the temperature at 9.30 this morning was 4c in Waterville, plus there forecasting snow late tonight, early morning. Wind East and variable light and overcast.

Monday, March 6, 2023


The Birthday Fly man. photo taken in 2017

6/3/2023 Lough Currane anglers were all quiet
on all fronts this day. Now we head for the celebration department and for good reason because one Lough Currane angler was celebrating his birthday today, so on behalf of all the Currane anglers we would like to wish the Flyman Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of a very Happy Birthday. Wind NW light followed by reasonable cloud cover.

Sunday, March 5, 2023


Laura and Trevor 

5/3/2023 The Currane anglers were all quiet this day and as I say that there was two UK Currane anglers caught their best catch of their lives yesterday and for good reason, Wedding bells were ringing loud as you can see by the picture, Hampshire Hog Angler, Mr. Trevor Dewberry got Married to his beautiful bride Laura yesterday, so on behalf of all the Currane anglers and the good People of Waterville we wish you both all the Happiness in the World.           


Saturday, March 4, 2023


4/3/2023 There were six boats out toady and all of the Currane angler’s lines were slack. On the weather front, wind light to calm and variable from the East to the SW into the NW and overcast and cold.     

Friday, March 3, 2023

Wild Atlantic Salmon!

3/3/2023 There were a few boats out manipulating their skills today but there was only one Currane angler that came up Trumps, no its not false news, but the one and only Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of while fishing with his client caught a fine 8lb Salmon on the troll, Dominic also mentioned that it was very cold out there this morning, but it soon warmed up when their reel sang the Wild Atlantic Salmon Way. Wind light and variable, East and veered Southeast come lunchtime, veered again into the Northwest and veered again into the SW.     


Thursday, March 2, 2023



2/3/2023 Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of reports that there were five boats out today and all was quiet on the Southwest front. Wind East come afternoon veered ESE followed by reasonable cloud cover.  

Wednesday, March 1, 2023



1/3/2023 All quiet on the SW front in all departments. Wind ENE light and variable followed good cloud cover and cold.