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Sunday, February 28, 2021


            Grand Daughter and Grandad enjoying their fishing!

28/2/21 Lough Currane was bright and sunny as you can see by the photo and it is great to see renowned Gillie Mr. Vincent O’Sullivan fishing with his Son in-law Tam and his Granddaughter, sadly their rod and reels were slack and the same goes for the rest of the Currane anglers. Order of boats, there were four boats in total, in tag terms, 3 hand me down tags and one direct winner. Just for the record Lough Currane is still on the dirty side. Wind ESE light and variable.  

Saturday, February 27, 2021



27/2/21 The Brown Tag boats were in force today, I will put them in their classes, so to be exact, there was one direct winner of his Brown Tag, the other four Brown Tag Boats were hand me down Tags, all I can say is tags or no tags, by the end of their day the Currane Brown tag boats were lighter when they first went out. In their defence they did catch a few Kelts and to be honest Lough Currane is still dirty after the big flood.  Wind South light and variable with good cloud cover. Now we go to the email department of the No Spin No Fly’s just Facts Opinion Zone and I am sorry to say everyone is entitled to their opinion! It is all yours James.


I am very unhappy with your reporting this year Vincent, clearly, you are not in favour of these brown tags, what do you mean when you say hand me down tags, I think you have to get your reporting back on track and stop taking the “you know what” so we the readers can understand you’re reporting. Ps I do agree very unfair a lot of locals do not have tags, James.





Friday, February 26, 2021



                                A Picture tells the Story!  

26/2/21 The Brown Tag and the Barbless Anglers were as silent as the lambs and there is a good reason for this, the lazy articles were not out there. Wind SSW light with reasonable cloud cover, I will finish today’s notes in the No Spin No Fly’s Opinion Zone and one very observant young lady reported this to me this evening with a photo followed by a comment, all I can say is thanks for that Susan and you have the stage so take it away.

Hi Vincent, it looked lovely today on the lake, I am just wondering why there was not any boats out today, is this all to do with the locals not getting brown tags, it is a shame this tagging system cannot be sorted, it is also a shame to see this beautiful lake empty, Susan.

Thursday, February 25, 2021



25/2/21 You could say the calm after the storm and here are today’s facts, there were 3 Brown tag boats manipulating their skills and one Barbless fishing this day and sadly all were fruitless, except for the Kelt department, one brown tag boat caught two on the troll and one on the fly which is great to see Kelts caught. Wind WNW then veered WSW light.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

24/2/21 Sorry for no report yesterday my Net was down!


                                     Mr. Greg Sutton RIP


23/2/21 Waterville Fishery lost another great fly Angler to the Heavenly waters, so it is with great sadness, I have to report to you that UK and Currane fly Angler Mr. Greg Sutton RIP of the UK passed away on Monday and on behalf of all the Currane anglers and all the good people of Waterville and Kerry our Sincere Sympathies to all Greg’s Family and friends. May Greg RIP

      Wild Lough Currane Photo by Tam

The Currane anglers were at a standstill as the Orang rain and yellow wind warning took control, as you can see by the photo taken by local angler Mr. Tam Hitmiangsong, that sums up today’s action.


24/2/21 After big floods yesterday there was just one hand me down Brown Tag boat out and by all accounts he was well browned off and Salmonless. Wind West Southwest fresh and overcast. Now we head for the email department on the No Spin No Fly’s just Facts opinion zone. Today’s email is from Susan, so take it away Susan.

   River Inn After the big Flood click link

Hi Vincent if brown tag quota is not reached this year will Waterville lake be closed next year, I am disgusted at the handling of brown tags as only locals can fish Currane and no tags by them, surely, they cannot close lake or introduce catch and release, something not right here especially in the times were living in, Susan.

Monday, February 22, 2021



                   Lough  Currane Today 

22/2/21 Again the wild winds of Currane prevented the Brown and Barbless anglers from heading out this day, staying with the forecast it is not looking good with an orange rain warning with 25.9 mm rainfall for Waterville, followed by strong Southerly winds tomorrow. So, on that note we head for the email department on the No Spin No Fly’s just Facts opinion zone. Today’s email is from Martin so take it away Martin.

Hi Vincent quick question I don’t know if you can answer it or not, with lock down set to continue will brown tag draw just between locals? just wondering as some brown tags drawn in January haven’t been on lake yet, surely common sense has to be used by fisheries, Martin   

Sunday, February 21, 2021



21/2/21 Currane was all quiet on all fronts this day as Lough Currane rises fast after the big flood.  Wind SSW fresh with bright sunshine all day.   

Saturday, February 20, 2021


 20/2/21 Again the Currane Anglers were forced to stay on dry land thanks to a strong SSE this morning and veered SSW in the afternoon. Amount of rainfall yesterday was 23.4 mm.            

Friday, February 19, 2021



19/2/21 Lough Currane was at a standstill with a strong wind from the SW with the odd violent gust followed by heavy showers and talking of rain it made a good flood last night going by the Inny this morning, on that note we head for the email department of the No Spin No Fly’s just Facts opinion Zone and Alan has a few words to say, so take it away Alan.

Great to see the first Salmon on Currane, and on the fly as well, I knew it wouldn’t be long, well done Dom you’re keeping the diehard flag flying, surely if the fisheries have any respect for the local diehards, they will give you your brown tag now, great photos yesterday Vincent, we can always rely on you for good reporting, Alan.           

Thursday, February 18, 2021


f                      First C&R in the Brown Tag Race 

Dominic Takes the First. 

18/2/21 Professional Barbless and tagless Currane Angler Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy, while fly fishing, caught a cracker of a fresh 9lbs Salmon on a homemade barbless fly, Dominic also reported that he lost another, so Congratulations to Dominic for breaking the Currane ice and if there were any Brown Tag Boats out there today, I can tell you it was not long before they were browned off. Now for quote of the day, that goes to Dominic, I asked Dominic what he has to say about being tagless, Dominic replied, I let my flies do the talking. Wind WSW light to fresh and overcast.          


Wednesday, February 17, 2021


17/2/21 Good to see two Currane Brownless boats manipulating this day but with all their efforts we are still waiting for that elusive Salmon ice breaker. Knowing the Currane yearly trends as I do, we will not be waiting much longer? so get out there you Brownless and Barbless manipulators and give Covid 19 a Winston Churchill. Just for the record one of the Brownless Tags was a hand me down. Now to the complaints department, I received a text this morning informing me that Yesterday’s notes were incorrect. He text me and I quote, just for the record as you put it, there were 3 boats out and their were a few Kelts caught. All I say is my apologies but in my own defence if you anglers cannot let your fingers do the talking how do you expect me to report accurately. Wind SW and veered SE late this afternoon and overcast, followed by heavy rain.  

Tuesday, February 16, 2021



16/2/21 Sorry to report that the Brownless and Tagless Currane anglers were not out, in other words Lough Currane was boatless to the best of my Knowledge. Wind SSW fresh with reasonable cloud cover.

Monday, February 15, 2021


15/2/21 The Currane Brown and Barbless anglers were prohibited from manipulating their flie and trolling skills this day, thanks again to a strong SW gale come afternoon veered S late this afternoon. Now to all our save our Game Fishing Community clickthe link.


Sunday, February 14, 2021



14/2/21 Lough Currane was a no go this morning with wind gusts up to 63 MPH come afternoon wind gust dropped to about 42 MPH and to the best of my Knowledge and over 50 years’ experience on Lough Currane, the Big Lake was still a no go? Wind SSW fresh to strong in the afternoon. Now from the wild SW to memories Past and the first Salmon of 2020   

               First Salmon in 2020

27/2/20 Great news at last and I’m sure you all know the Currane ice is broken, so straight to the Wild Atlantic trolling department and the hired out boat department of Wexford and Lough Currane Angler Mr. Michael McCormack, caught a cracker of a 14 lbs, Salmon on the troll, so congratulations to Michael for catching the first Lough Currane Salmon of 2020 and may it be the first of many.


Now we head email department of the No Spin No Fly’s Opinion Zone and tonight’s opinion comes from Alan.

Hi Vincent, that was a lovely fish you had up last night, pity we have not seen one caught this year, but I know when the local diehards get going it will not be long before we will see Mister salmon. The main reason I am emailing you is I have just had it confirmed that the fish counter in butler pool is not working and will not be fixed until June, so I think the story it has not worked properly for the last 10 years is the truth. What is going on it seems to be one lie after another, I’ve also had it confirmed that the running of the counter has changed hands this year, I wonder why the fishermen and angling club of Waterville must look into this, as it looks as if brown tags introduced to Waterville based on lies, and fictional counting,  IFI have to come out  a tell the truth, I wonder is there someone involved in fish farming behind this as Waterville tried to close Deenish in the courts.  Alan



Saturday, February 13, 2021



13/2/21 Lough Currane today was Brownless and Tagless as the Currane Anglers again were left standing as the weather dictates today’s proceedings as the fresh to strong SSE wind takes control of Lough Currane.  So on that note we will head for memories past on the No Spin No fly’s just Facts.

Paul Hyland tells of his experience of the day 6/3/19.

Angler Mr. Paul Hyland of Caherdaniel, was in cracking form, and Paul tells his own story in his words. Took this great 12 ½ lbs. Salmon on the troll on the South side of the lake in a big wave. I had a mighty fight, and it took me an hour to get it in the boat. It is not easy when you are on your own in those conditions.                 

      Paul Hyland's Wild Atlantic Salmon caught on the troll!


Friday, February 12, 2021



12/2/21 Southeast wind takes control of the Brown tag and Barbless Boats as they are left docked for the day. Wind SE strong and overcast followed by misty rain all day and staying with the weather, Kerry is on a yellow warning with strong SE Gales and flooding is expected.   

Thursday, February 11, 2021



11/2/21 Currane Brown Tag and Barbless Anglers were left stranded on the Currane shoreline today as a strong ESE closed the Salmon and Sea Trout stations on both sides of Lough Currane. In the words of one Currane Angler it was dangerous out there. Now we head for the email department of the No Spin No Fly’s Opinion Zone and tonight’s opinion comes from Michael.       


Hi Vincent I applaud you on keeping up your reports it great to see, your always telling the truth and keeping us up to the going’s on in Waterville lake, very upsetting to see the comment up today about the fat guy down the pub, shame on those people they should look after their own fisheries and keep their dirty cheap shots to them self’s, shameful keep up the good work Vincent, people need to know how fisheries are treating anglers and letting fish farms do what they want , regards Michael

Wednesday, February 10, 2021



10/2/21 Kelts were the order of the day in the Barbless and Brownless department, just for the record there were a total of four boats out on this freezing cold day, two Brownless Tags of which 1 was a hand me down Brown Tag, followed by two Barbless boats. Wind E and veered SE at times. On the temperature front 3C felt like -3C. Now we head for the Email department of the No Spin No Fly’s Opinion Zone. UK Anglers the Hampshire Hogs have their say,    


Vincent, sad to see what the Irish Govt are allowing to continue, supposedly legally while Currane's anglers are made to pay the price, when it is a proven fact that the impact of rod and line angling is negligible on salmon stocks. Trevor.

Now Nigel gives his opinion.

What are the Irish Fisheries playing at? The Brown Tag fiasco - nobody appears to be fishing. Combination of Covid travel restrictions and few tags held locally, I guess. Ghillies should have been handed tags (it's their place of work. It's what they do!). Put the rest up for lucky dip. Good intentions but not thought through. AS if that's not enough, I read the Salmon farm is still running and about to restock. Predictable they would appeal the decision to close. Given the potential ( proven?) impact of their activities upon wild populations, decision ordering closure should have required ceasing ongoing ops pending appeal. Or something similar. Madness. Rod and line is no threat to wild stocks. So why are the rod fishermen (and the broader community of Waterville) being ignored in such manner. Nigel (Hampshire Hogs).   

Tuesday, February 9, 2021



      Brownless, Barbless and Boatless 

9/2/21 Lough Currane was all quiet on all departments and I mean quiet. So, I will go straight to the No Spin No Fly’s Opinion Zone and Martin will confirm the quietness of Lough Currane.

Went for a drive today sad to see no one on the lake today, sad times my god what have the fisheries done, they could have left it blue tags and when 39 fish caught have catch and release.  I am also worried for fisheries officers jobs no anglers no licences no money to pay them, it is sad day for me, loved to watch the boats out in Waterville lake this time of the year. Empty regards Martin.

Just for the record today's weather, Wind East fresh and overcast and cold air temperature 4C felt like -0C.   

Monday, February 8, 2021



8/2/21 The Mini Beast from the East arrives on the Currane Waters as temperatures barely went above 4C and if you take the wind chill into effect it felt like -0C. Now to the boat count, there were two boats out, 1 Barbless and one hand me down brown tag boat out on this cold day and overcast, wind East light to fresh and variable. Just for record Brownless and Barbless did get a bit of action in the Kelt Department.


Now we head for the No Spin No Fly’s opinion zone and the email department in response to yesterday’s comment. First, we have Martin. Take it away Martin.

Well said Sean your idea sounds by far the best, a lot of common sense in your idea, it will encourage more anglers to come and fish Waterville, come on fisheries follow Sean’s idea and do things right. Martin.

Also, David comments on Sean’s comment.

Great idea Sean how comes these experts in the fisheries could not come up with your idea, it makes so much sense and I am sure local and die-hard fishermen would be happy, and it would see more boats out in Waterville lake. David

Sunday, February 7, 2021



7/2/21 Lough Currane was Brownless today but at least there were two Barbless boats out, but with all their efforts they were Salmonless on a freezing cold day and not surprising with a fresh East wind blowing up the lake. On that Note we head for the email department of the No Spin No Fly’s Opinion Zone.

Sean has his say.

Hi Vincent I was told that there are 2 licence distributors in Waterville, why weren’t the tags divided between them and let them allocate the tags, e.g. if an angler then arrives to Waterville buys his license then give him a brown tag , if he doesn’t catch a salmon he then returns the tag when he’s leaving Waterville and the next angler gets a tag, the way it is a joke, people that never fish getting tags and then passing them on is all wrong. To me it is a total lack of respect to the 2 distributors and the regular and die-hard anglers, Sean.

Saturday, February 6, 2021



6/2/21 There were 2 brown tag boats and 2 barbless boats manipulating this day, one of the Brown Tag Boats was a hand me down tag, still waiting for that first elusive wild Atlantic Salmon. Wind ENE light with reasonable cloud cover at times.


Now we head for the No Spin No Fly’s Opinion Zone. Tonight’s email comes from a Lady angler which is great to see so take it away Susan.

Hi Vincent I’m just wondering what are brown tags and Waterville have only been given 39 for the spring season, does this mean they can only catch 39 salmon, also if that is true and they don’t catch 39 what happens then, with Covid and travel ban surely all the local fishermen should get extra brown tags , how are they going to catch 39 if only a few locals out and more haven’t got them, Susan

Friday, February 5, 2021



5/2/21 Going by spy Gate there were 5 boats out today, 4 which were brown tag boats and 1 barbless boat. Just for a matter of interest, 2 of the brown tag boats today were hand me down tag boats. Wind light to fresh NNW followed by showers. Now we head for the No Spin No Fly’s Opinion Zone. Tonight’s comment comes from Noel.

Vincent if you get the data from the fish counter for the last 5 years will you please put up on your blog as I’ve tried everywhere and I can’t find it , surely if the IFI bring in brown tags, surely they have to publish data to show why they’ve been introduced , I think Murray is right, a lot of illegal things seem to be happening to Waterville fishery, I’ve been coming to Waterville a good number of years now golfing and every time I have asked what about counter and what numbers go through, the answers I get are don’t know and it doesn’t work, so please Vincent can you get this for me as I may be able to help in the legal side of things, Noel




Thursday, February 4, 2021



4/2/21 There were three Brown Tags boats out trolling this day, I will call them the United Nations anglers, sadly the United Nations Brown Tag Anglers could not unite with a Wild Atlantic Salmon. Just for the record there was one C&R Fly Boat out and all was quiet on the SW Front. WNW light with good cloud cover. Now we head for the email department and first in the No Spin No Fly’s opinion zone is David.

Hi Vincent, is it true that the fish counter on Waterville river is broken again and will not be fixed until June, if it is true sounds like the locals were telling the truth when saying it has not worked a full year since being installed.  

Now we stay in the Zone and an email from Martin in the USA. I would like to comment.  I am a lawyer in the USA, and it appears to me that legal remedies for all these problems to do with the Waterville Fishery.  Have we no Irish or English attorneys out there who follow this blog?  Unfortunately, I am only licensed to practice in the US so I cannot file anything in Ireland.  But please, will one of my legal brothers over there do something? There are a number of issues here that could be addressed at law, and relief should be sought in the Courts. Please someone step up and help, if you do not want to see this fishery completely destroyed.


Murray T. Beatts, J.D.  

Wednesday, February 3, 2021



3/2/21 No Brown Tag boats out and the same goes for the C&R manipulators. Wind WSW fresh and overcast.   

Tuesday, February 2, 2021



2/2/21 No Boats out so I can say No Brown Tag Salmon and No C&R Salmon. Wind SW light and variable and overcast. Now to the email department and another disgruntled Angler. Just for the record I’m not a scientist or a Barrister, so  Martin I cannot answer any of your questions maybe some of our followers can answer theses questions?  


So, take it away Martin, any word on the fish farm at Deenish Island? has the court case come up since? because I heard it has been adjourned 3 times? how can this be possible, if you break the law in any other farming you either shut down or you face a hefty fine. It is 2 years since they broke the law if they stock the farm again it will be 2 more years before anything will be done so I have been told. Something stinks here Vincent, anglers in Waterville limited to 1 spring salmon this year, can’t take a sea trout, everyone knows their juvenile fish salmon and trout being wiped out by miniature sea lice from fish farms, how’re farms still operating. Sad to see this allowed, why doesn't the Waterville angling club object ought protest against these farms, sad to see such a wonderful fishery destroyed. Martin

Monday, February 1, 2021


1/2/20 Just two Brown Tag Boats out this first day of February and going by spy gate, both Brown tags were browned off within a couple of hours. Wind West Southwest and veered South Southeast late this afternoon and overcast all day with heavy rain this evening.