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Saturday, February 27, 2021



27/2/21 The Brown Tag boats were in force today, I will put them in their classes, so to be exact, there was one direct winner of his Brown Tag, the other four Brown Tag Boats were hand me down Tags, all I can say is tags or no tags, by the end of their day the Currane Brown tag boats were lighter when they first went out. In their defence they did catch a few Kelts and to be honest Lough Currane is still dirty after the big flood.  Wind South light and variable with good cloud cover. Now we go to the email department of the No Spin No Fly’s just Facts Opinion Zone and I am sorry to say everyone is entitled to their opinion! It is all yours James.


I am very unhappy with your reporting this year Vincent, clearly, you are not in favour of these brown tags, what do you mean when you say hand me down tags, I think you have to get your reporting back on track and stop taking the “you know what” so we the readers can understand you’re reporting. Ps I do agree very unfair a lot of locals do not have tags, James.





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