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Sunday, February 14, 2021



14/2/21 Lough Currane was a no go this morning with wind gusts up to 63 MPH come afternoon wind gust dropped to about 42 MPH and to the best of my Knowledge and over 50 years’ experience on Lough Currane, the Big Lake was still a no go? Wind SSW fresh to strong in the afternoon. Now from the wild SW to memories Past and the first Salmon of 2020   

               First Salmon in 2020

27/2/20 Great news at last and I’m sure you all know the Currane ice is broken, so straight to the Wild Atlantic trolling department and the hired out boat department of Wexford and Lough Currane Angler Mr. Michael McCormack, caught a cracker of a 14 lbs, Salmon on the troll, so congratulations to Michael for catching the first Lough Currane Salmon of 2020 and may it be the first of many.


Now we head email department of the No Spin No Fly’s Opinion Zone and tonight’s opinion comes from Alan.

Hi Vincent, that was a lovely fish you had up last night, pity we have not seen one caught this year, but I know when the local diehards get going it will not be long before we will see Mister salmon. The main reason I am emailing you is I have just had it confirmed that the fish counter in butler pool is not working and will not be fixed until June, so I think the story it has not worked properly for the last 10 years is the truth. What is going on it seems to be one lie after another, I’ve also had it confirmed that the running of the counter has changed hands this year, I wonder why the fishermen and angling club of Waterville must look into this, as it looks as if brown tags introduced to Waterville based on lies, and fictional counting,  IFI have to come out  a tell the truth, I wonder is there someone involved in fish farming behind this as Waterville tried to close Deenish in the courts.  Alan



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