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Monday, February 8, 2021



8/2/21 The Mini Beast from the East arrives on the Currane Waters as temperatures barely went above 4C and if you take the wind chill into effect it felt like -0C. Now to the boat count, there were two boats out, 1 Barbless and one hand me down brown tag boat out on this cold day and overcast, wind East light to fresh and variable. Just for record Brownless and Barbless did get a bit of action in the Kelt Department.


Now we head for the No Spin No Fly’s opinion zone and the email department in response to yesterday’s comment. First, we have Martin. Take it away Martin.

Well said Sean your idea sounds by far the best, a lot of common sense in your idea, it will encourage more anglers to come and fish Waterville, come on fisheries follow Sean’s idea and do things right. Martin.

Also, David comments on Sean’s comment.

Great idea Sean how comes these experts in the fisheries could not come up with your idea, it makes so much sense and I am sure local and die-hard fishermen would be happy, and it would see more boats out in Waterville lake. David

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