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Thursday, February 4, 2021



4/2/21 There were three Brown Tags boats out trolling this day, I will call them the United Nations anglers, sadly the United Nations Brown Tag Anglers could not unite with a Wild Atlantic Salmon. Just for the record there was one C&R Fly Boat out and all was quiet on the SW Front. WNW light with good cloud cover. Now we head for the email department and first in the No Spin No Fly’s opinion zone is David.

Hi Vincent, is it true that the fish counter on Waterville river is broken again and will not be fixed until June, if it is true sounds like the locals were telling the truth when saying it has not worked a full year since being installed.  

Now we stay in the Zone and an email from Martin in the USA. I would like to comment.  I am a lawyer in the USA, and it appears to me that legal remedies for all these problems to do with the Waterville Fishery.  Have we no Irish or English attorneys out there who follow this blog?  Unfortunately, I am only licensed to practice in the US so I cannot file anything in Ireland.  But please, will one of my legal brothers over there do something? There are a number of issues here that could be addressed at law, and relief should be sought in the Courts. Please someone step up and help, if you do not want to see this fishery completely destroyed.


Murray T. Beatts, J.D.  

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