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Monday, February 28, 2022


 28/2/2022 Just 3 boats out this day and for all their efforts just a few Kelts caught. As we all know the second brown tag draw took place today and as far as I know some of the local pro’s missed out again. Wind WNW and veered NNW light with little cloud.

Sunday, February 27, 2022



27/2/2022 All quiet on all fronts except for the wind and for good reason, come lunchtime there was a strong SSW fresh to strong, average speed 30 mph, gusts average speed 40 mph.      

Saturday, February 26, 2022



26/2/2022 The Brownless, Barbless anglers were left Salmonless this day and for a very good reason, Lough Currane was wild with a strong Southerly wind blowing across the lake. On that note we head the Currane anglers view and it’s all yours Martin, a UK Currane angler.

Hello Vincent I see the second brown tag is coming up , I was told today that you have to apply again for the February draw , it’s a complete and utter shambles that you have to keep sending your license number into to IfI surely once should be enough, in my eyes they are making fools out of the local anglers and visiting anglers to Waterville , and from reading your reports not many of the January drawn tags have yet to wet a line on  Waterville lake disgraceful carrying on. I think IfI will have to sit down and have a think how to they can treat anglers a little bit better than they have the last 2 years in Waterville. Martin          

Friday, February 25, 2022


                        Lough Currane today taken at Lunchtime 

25/2/2022 Just two Boats out again this day and their lines stayed slack throughout the day, just for the record both boats were members of the Brown Tag team. Wind SW light to fresh an overcast all day.          

Thursday, February 24, 2022



24/2/2022 There were two Brown tag boats out this day and spygate reports that for all their efforts there were no takers. Wind WNW fresh to strong and followed by wintery showers and as you can imagine it was very cold out there. On that cold note we will go to the criticism department on my writing especially on my heading of the No Spin No Fly’s just facts, because fly’s is spelt incorrectly, well there is a good reason for this and as say a photo always tells the story, the fly’s tell you everything when you study the photo      

No Spin No Fly's just Facts

Wednesday, February 23, 2022


 23/2/2022 The Lough Currane anglers were nowhere to be seen this day and for good reason, there was a strong WSW wind blowing down the lake, come evening it veered WNW fresh to strong with heavy downpours throughout the day.


Tuesday, February 22, 2022



22/2/2022 Currane spygate reports that there was just one Brown tag boat out today. Wind WNW light to fresh followed by a few showers. Now we head for the Currane Anglers View so it’s all yours James

 Hi Vincent, great to see another fine salmon caught and released in Waterville and on the fly as well, well done to the flyman and the shy man for keeping the home fires burning, well done die hards it’s a pity a lot of your fellow anglers haven’t wet a line yet, hopefully more locals will get brown tags in the next draw. It’s an awful shame that these locals that have grown up next to Waterville lake have to enter a draw in the hope they can go out and enjoy a normal day’s fishing, I always thought that Waterville was a free lake, surely these rules and regulations contradict this.? It’s a crying shame what’s happening over there? Your friend James.


Monday, February 21, 2022


21/2/2022 There were two brown tag boats and one barbless boat out manipulating this day and by all accounts for all their efforts sadly they weren’t rewarded with a wild Atlantic Salmon. Wind NW and veered WSW light to fresh and overcast. 

Sunday, February 20, 2022



20/2/22 It was splendid work by the Flyman to catch the first Salmon on the fly yesterday after storm Eunice because storm Franklin took control of the whole of Ireland today and sadly that includes the Currane anglers and going by the forecast, tomorrow isn’t looking good. Wind WSW and veered W and again veered WNW, NW. Wind gusts speed 63 mph / 100 km average speed 40 mph/64km         

Saturday, February 19, 2022


In Him
End of Battle
19/2/2022 Storm Eunice may have controlled the Currane anglers yesterday and there is no argument to that, today with storm Eunice well gone, there was no stopping the flyman taking control of the waters this day and for good reason, as the flyman went out the trolling man went home and for all his efforts just caught a few kelts, well the same couldn’t be said for the flyman because within a few casts the flyman was into a cracker of a 12 lbs. Salmon and as you can see by the photos it was a fine catch and release and just for the record that’s the first Salmon caught on the fly 2022. For those who do not know who the Flyman is, it’s the one and only Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of  Wind WNW light to fresh and overcast with heavy showers. 

Game set and Match

Caught and Released 

Thursday, February 17, 2022


                         The Calm before Storm Eunice!

17/2/2022 Both Brown Tags and Barbless Currane Anglers were as Elusive as could be this day as you can see by the photo and video, so on that note we will go back to last Sunday when the Salmon Ice was broken, with the full video of the Mad Fisherman and the Shy man. Wind WNW and veered WSW and veered this evening SE Fresh to strong in the morning and light to fresh in the afternoon. As you all know storm Eunice hits the SW of Ireland early tomorrow morning and if their predictions are correct the chances are I will have No Internet tomorrow evening? So on that note to all you good people of Ireland stay safe.




Wednesday, February 16, 2022



16/2/2022 Storm Dudley took control of the Brown Tags and Barbless Currane Anglers this day so as you can imagine the high stool was the next port of call as they look forward to their pint and to discuss storm Dudley. Well, that sums up today’s lack of action or you could say all wind, no action. Wind WSW Strong.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022



15/2/2022 We start off with yesterdays notes on the Currane anglers view and for good reason, my readers were under the impression the  renowned Currane Angler and owner of  Mr. Robert Elson wrote last night’s Currane Anglers View, well I can say without any fear of contradiction that Mr. Robert Elson is innocent of all Charges because last night’s Currane view from Robert’s  view comes from Down Under, I hope this puts the record straight. Now back to the present on today’s manipulations, well there was only one boat out and sadly the spy gate’s binoculars could not confirm if it was a Brown Tag or Barbless Angler. Wind WSW and veered SW fresh and overcast with rain in the afternoon and tomorrow is not looking good with strong winds from 30 mph gusts up to sixty-two mph. Now we head the Currane Anglers View and quote of the day, first the View, its all yours Steve,  Well said Robert I agree with you it is ridiculous what’s going on in Waterville, it looks like according to IfI anglers are to blame for fish stocks falling in Waterville, have they forgotten about the fish farm that was closed down by the Irish government 3 years ago but is still up and running disgraceful carrying on , save our sea trout and salmon. Steve

Now Alan also replies to last night Currane View.

Fair play to you Robert it’s about time someone came out and highlighted the effects brown tags have on Waterville. I also think it’s a complete farce that a local angler and an Angler that has been fishing Waterville for years have to put their names into a hat in the hope he gets a brown tag surely, they should automatically get one. No respect and no common sense shameful carrying on, Alan

Quote of the Day goes to UK Currane Angler Gary, it’s all yours Gary.

Dear Vincent after the great bit of Action on Sunday re 2 Spring Salmon caught in a couple of hours meaning a pod of Salmon must have entered Lough Currane, I would have thought there would have been a few Anglers out on the Lough makes me wonder how many Locals have Brown Tags


Monday, February 14, 2022



14/2/2022 Lough Currane only entertained one Brown tag boat followed by one Barbless boat and with all the efforts their lines were slack throughout the day or in the words of spygate there’s nothing to report so on that note we will head for a Currane Anglers view, it’s all yours Robert.


Hello Vincent lovely to see a couple fresh salmon caught in Waterville yesterday , great video of the fish going back into the water , but sad to read only 2 boats out , these brown tags are destroying the chances of anglers coming to Waterville to fish for spring salmon, I know shops, pubs and b and bs are very quiet this time of the year and it was the arrival of many spring anglers to Waterville that boosted the income for these places , what a time IfI started this nonsense of brown tagging in the middle of a pandemic and people and businesses struggling, who came up with this system they should be run out of this country, a total lack of respect for a small village and the anglers of Waterville. From Very upset Robert.

Sunday, February 13, 2022


 13/2/2022 Today was the day of the  Barbless C&R anglers as they headed out onto Lough Currane waiting for the great elusive Wild Atlantic Salmon to springboard their 2022 Season and they didn’t have to wait long before local angler Mr. √Čanna De Buis, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Tham Hitmiangsong caught and released a fine 10 lbs. Salmon on the troll and the action did not stop there because the Mad Fisherman and his good friend and local angler the Shy Man weren’t going to be outdone and they didn’t have to wait long because  just before lunchtime their action began when they caught and released a fine 9 lbs. Salmon as you can see by the their C&R video. All I can say is Mr. √Čanna De Buis and Mr. Tham Hitmiangsong, broke the ice and Mr. Vincent Donnelly known as the Mad Fisherman and good friend the shy man certainly melted what ice was left. Quote of the day goes to UK and Currane Angler Mr. Gary Humphrey and I quote, That's great news! Amazing considering ZERO Angling pressure on Lough Currane.       



Saturday, February 12, 2022


12/3/2022 Well it made a bit of rain last night and come morning two brown tag anglers headed out in the same boat to the fly department and by all accounts there was no rod bender. Now we head for the trolling department and one barbless angler who headed out on the lake had his day finished within 20 minutes and yes you have it, No, sadly it wasn’t the first Salmon of 2022 it was his first breakdown of 2022 and hopefully his last of the season. Wind West light to fresh with reasonable cloud cover at times.    


Friday, February 11, 2022



11/2/2022 Again Lough Currane was all quiet in all departments to be more specifically in the angler's department, but to be fair there was good wave cutting across the lake. Wind SSW fresh to strong and overcast. Just for the weather record Kerry is on a yellow rain warning from 6pm tonight until 6am tomorrow morning.   

Thursday, February 10, 2022


                               Sunset in Waterville this evening 

10/2/2022 Lough Currane was all quiet on all fronts and for the simple reason there were no boats out this day? So, we head for the Currane angler’s view. Take it away Stefan. 


Hello Vincent greetings from Germany I’m sending this message to you to tell that we won’t be coming to Ireland and especially Waterville this year , I think it is very unfair that your government expects us to buy a fishing license enter a draw and if our names don’t come out we will not be allowed take a salmon in Waterville, so we have cancelled out trip and our accommodation we feel it’s very unfair on tourist like ourselves who loved coming to Ireland , hopefully this will change next year and we will see you then. I’m sad to hear so few fishermen fishing Waterville at this moment why is this allowed your friend Stefan.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022



9/2/2022 Just one boat out reported by spygate on the Northside and all quiet on the Southside in all departments as you can see by photogate. Wind NW light with reasonable cloud cover at times.  
South looking North East
South Side                               South looking NW
North Side of Lough Currane

Tuesday, February 8, 2022



8/2/2022 No reports of any Currane anglers out manipulating this day. Wind WSW light to fresh followed by light rain throughout the day. Now we head for the Currane Anglers view, its all yours Steve.


Hi Vincent no boat out on the lake again I make it Waterville has only been fished only 1 day out of the last 16 days very very sad to see what IfI have done to the Waterville anglers and to the village of Waterville, it’s shameful surely IfI has to put this right, where are the 24 brown tags something stinks here. Steve

Monday, February 7, 2022


                       No Anglers No Fish what do you expect!

7/2/2022 Spy gate reported there weren’t any boats out and photo gate confirms the lack of anglers, so the least said the better. Wind WSW light to fresh and overcast.

Sunday, February 6, 2022


 6/2/2022 The Currane Anglers were all quiet in all departments this day and in the words of one angler and I quote, Lough Currane today was Barbless, Brownless and Boatless. Wind WNW veered W fresh to strong with heavy downpours in the morning and overcast all day.

Saturday, February 5, 2022




                               Lough Currane today

5/2/2022 The Currane Anglers boats, engines, reels were all quiet this day and for good reason, there wasn’t one Currane angler to be seen on the high waves of Lough Currane as a strong Westly took control this day and at least My Noble Currane anglers have an excuse.

Friday, February 4, 2022



               Lough Currane today

4/2/2022 There were no Currane anglers to be seen, neither North, South, East or West. It looks like the poor Currane Anglers have been swept to one side? Wind NW light to fresh with good cloud cover at times.

Thursday, February 3, 2022


3/2/2022 The Currane anglers’ lines were slack this day and for good reason because as one looked down onto Lough Currane there wasn’t one Angler to be seen manipulating their skills. Wind WSW                     fresh and overcast.



2/2/2022 Again the Currane anglers were as elusive as the Scarlet Pimpernel? Need I say more? Just for the record the Scarlet Pimpernel is a good old Salmon fly, or I should say to be more precise the Scarlet Eagle or the Moldy Chum and if they don’t hurry up and pull their act together the Salmon will be getting Moldy. Now we head for the Currane Anglers view it’s all yours Heidi


Hi Vincent I’m looking out at the lake again today and I don’t see any boats out there, it is so sad to see the lake so quiet, I know I asked you before but these brown tags seem to be have big effect on the fishermen, my neighbour told me that no one will come to Waterville to fish if they don’t have one of these special tags, I don’t think this is very fair on village people, why does this happen to such a small place and how does your government allow this to happen. Heidi


Tuesday, February 1, 2022



1/2/2022 What can one say on today’s proceedings, well it’s as simple as this, absolutely nothing for the simple reason there is nothing to report, today’s common denominator is zero in all departments. As one UK angler said to me today and I quote, I don ’t know who came up with this idea giving Brown tags to the Waterville Fishery? To say they should be congratulated is an understatement because they have completely destroyed the Waterville Spring economy and I hope their proud of themselves.