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Friday, January 31, 2020


      Congratulations to  Mr. Kevin O'Shea who officially caught the first Salmon in Ireland 

31/1/20 Lough Currane was all quiet on all fronts as the Currane anglers blood pressure rises for the lack of Currane Wild Atlantic Salmon action. Wind SW fresh to strong with good cloud cover. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 1.6 mm. Maximum air temperature 11.2 c.

Thursday, January 30, 2020


Kevin being Presented the Paddy Carey Memorial Cup by Landlord
 Mr. Damian Duff, of The Waterville Inn

30/1/20 Before we head out onto Lough Currane we head to the Waterville Inn and for good reason, your Man the King of the fly on the Pool, Mr. Kevin O’Shea was presented the Paddy Carey Memorial Cup by the Landlord of the Waterville Inn Mr. Damian Duff for catching the first Salmon of 2020 on the World Famous Butler’s Pool and at and all the drinks were on Kevin and a good time was had by all, so on that note we go to today’s facts of the day and I can tell you the Currane anglers were all quiet on all fronts. Wind WSW and overcast all day with light misty rain at times. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 1.0 mm. Maximum air temperature 10.1 c.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020


29/1/20 We Currane Anglers were all quiet on all fronts. Wind SW then veered SSW and overcast with showers. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 6.8 mm. Maximum air temperature 7. 5 c.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


28/1/20 Lough Currane was all quiet on the Wild Atlantic Salmon front, but the same couldn’t be said for the strong and gusty NW wind with heavy wintery showers. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 4.0 mm. Maximum air temperature 7.7 c.

Monday, January 27, 2020


27/1/20 Again Lough Currane was all quiet on all fronts and for good reason, there was a strong SW wind blowing. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 9.0 mm. Maximum air temperature 9. 0c. Just for the record one or two boats did venture out.

Sunday, January 26, 2020


Mr. Noel Cronin RIP
26/1/20 The Currane anglers and golfers start with the sad news that Mr. Noel Cronin RIP retired Manger of Waterville Golf links and Waterville House, sadly passed away yesterday, on behalf of the anglers and Golfers and the good people of Kerry our Sincere Sympathies to all Noel’s family and friends. On a personal note it was appropriate that the first Salmon of the 2020 season was caught on the World-famous Butler Pool yesterday. Now today’s facts, All quiet on all fronts. Wind SW and overcast with heavy showers with strong gusts. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 7.7 mm. Maximum air temperature 10.2 c.  
Picture courtesy of Waterville Golf Club.  

Saturday, January 25, 2020


25/1/20 take all the headlines as local Angler Mr. Kevin Shea caught the first Salmon of 2020 and it was a cracker of 12 lbs and lightening fresh, caught on the fly on a 9 foot fly rod. Kevin was telling me he had one hell of a battle late this afternoon. So, one can say that the Champagne Salmon bottle has been truly cracked opened on the World-Famous Butler Pool and at Now we head downstream to Lough Currane, Wind SW and overcast and all quiet in all departments. Yesterdays’ weather amount of rainfall 1.6 mm. Maximum air temperature 8. 4 c.       

Friday, January 24, 2020


24/1/20 Currane anglers were all quiet on this 8th day and still waiting to crack open that bottle of Champagne. Wind light, variable and overcast. Yesterday’s weather, maximum air temperature 8.9 c.

Thursday, January 23, 2020


23/01/20 The Currane anglers were all quiet on all fronts and to be fair, Lough Currane was flat calm all day and overcast. Yesterday’s Weather, Maximum air temperature 13.4 c.  

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


22/01/20 The Currane anglers are still waiting for Waterville’s first noble spring Salmon. Wind flat calm with reasonable cloud cover. Now we head for the skies with Kerry International Airport and good news for all you Lancashire and Yorkshire Anglers and Golfers because Ryan Air will have flights from Manchester to Kerry twice a week from the end of March. Yesterday’s weather , maximum air temperature 10. 2c.     

Tuesday, January 21, 2020


21/1/20 The Currane Anglers tried their best on the calm waters of Lough Currane this day and all they could catch was the reflections on a calm and cool collective day and that sums up today’s manipulations in all departments. Yesterdays weather, maximum air temperature 10 c.

Monday, January 20, 2020


20/01/20 Into the 4th day and still waiting for that elusive Wild Atlantic Salmon and be it caught on fly or troll it will be great to see the Currane ice broken and the sooner the better and Just for the record there were a few Kelts caught today. Wind South light with good cloud cover. 

Sunday, January 19, 2020


19/1/20 The Currane anglers were all quiet on the SW front in all departments, just for the record there were a nice few boats out plus there were a few kelts caught. Now we head for the apology department for not putting up all the pictures up on the evening of the opening day in the Lobster Bar, so I will finish with the photos In memory of Mr. Ken Towner RIP with his Waterville fly-fishing mates Dave Ecclestone and John Young. Wind South light with reasonable cloud cover.    


Saturday, January 18, 2020


18/1/20 Second day into the Salmon and Sea Trout Season and it's still all quiet on the SW front. Just for the record there were a few kelts caught on the troll as there were yesterday but I failed Miserably in my duties to report. Wind ESE light with bright sunshine all Day.

Friday, January 17, 2020


17/1/20  It’s great to be back on the No Spin No Fly's  just Facts Waterville Fishery Zone. Sadly we start on a sad note because the Waterville Fishery has lost another great fly angler, sadly Currane angler Mr. Ken Towner RIP passed away on the 6th of January and on behalf of all the Waterville anglers and the good people of Waterville we send our Deepest Sympathies to his good wife Anne, son Jack and daughter Mary. Now I let Ken’s Yorkshire and Waterville mate's  Mr. John Young and Eccy have the last say on a great photographer. Now today's opening day,  well My Noble Salmon were the only one's smiling this opening day. So we head for the Lobster Bar and their Bacon and Cabbage and it was first class in all department's so a big thank you to Management and staff for a great night, fish or no fish. Talking of Salmon we head for the Hatchery and Manager Mr. Tom O’Shea of reports,
Hi Vincent
In Dec 2019 16,000 juvenile salmon were released from the hatchery. 11,500 of which were finclippeJust before Christmas twenty broodstock were collected from the cummeragh River. Those fish produced 50,000 eggs to continue the cycle once again for 2020
Now for last heavenly cast on Ken Towner RIP and the finale words by his good Currane and Yorkshire mates Mr John young and Mr, Dave Eccleston finish Ken's story on his last Salmon
Hello Vincent.Good to talk to you earlier and I’m pleased you are keeping well.Thanks for enquiring about Ken’s circumstances in his twilight.You do a fantastic job not only for Waterville but even more importantly for the brother and sister hood  of all who visit and are enchanted by the area but most especially Lough Currane.
Although I moved back to England the friendships made in Ireland have endured.Although ,like Eccy I am from Yorkshire I relocated to Cumbria,near to the town of Penrith.As perhaps you know it’s a rural environment with pristine rivers and lakes.Ken has visited,from London every year since I returned ,sometimes in spring to brown trout fish and sometimes in autumn when the Salmon was the main quarry.Of course he so sadly fell ill last summer and the diagnosis said his days were drawing to a close.He accepted his fate,the man of dignity and grace that he was,and decided to do things in his remaining days,if his illness allowed,fond to his memory.He expressed a desire to venture north one last time,to meet myself and Eccy,and fish the north country rivers which he had grown to love.As the weeks passed I feared it would not happen but finally at the end of September he said he was making the trip.His grand daughter Mary Rose,who had studied at Leeds University,escorted him up to Cumbria where we happily reunited.On day one we fished in the Yorkshire Dales in pursuit of a grayling,a fish Ken was particularly fond of.Heavy rain had made for a big river and it was evident Ken had a lost a lot of strength especially in his legs-we did not manage to capture a grayling.Day two however,we were back in Cumbria and decided to try for a Salmon.Between myself,Eccy and the local river keeper we targeted a pool called ‘Waters Meet’ which is where the river Eamont ,which is sourced in the Lake District national park,joins the parent river Eden.It was the perfect place for Ken to be.The water was perfect,the bank underfoot friendly and the Salmon were running.He fished quite beautifully and was a complete peace with his life and the world.We did not move from the pool and mid afternoon his line tightened and the Salmon was on.It fought very hard and though not the biggest or prettiest fish Ken declared he had never wanted to land a fish so much in his life.Thankfully he did and it brought a beautiful closure to his wonderful angling journey through life.Special memory’s.God rest  your soul Ken.