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Friday, January 31, 2014


Made another big flood early this morning, flood or no flood, still my Noble Anglers failed miserably in their duties.  

Thursday, January 30, 2014


All quiet on the SW front in all departments, so we head for my poaching department of and take note anglers and poachers alike and I quote,
Members attention is drawn to the new Fisheries
Bye-Laws for 2014,which are published on the IFI
These new Bye-Laws will affect angling on this fishery.
In addition to the catch limits for the fishery of one fish
per day (either a Salmon or a Sea Trout OVER 40cm)
with a total limit of three fish for the period 1st January
to 11th May 2014, three fish per day between 12th May
and 31st August and one fish per day during September
and subject to a total catch limit of ten fish for the season,
once that daily catch limit has been reached any further
angling shall be on a catch and release basis only, using a
This Bye-Law will clearly affect the trolling on this fishery
as, once the daily catch limit has been taken it will no
longer be possible to continue fishing with multi - hooked
lures. Similarly fly fishermen will need to revert to a single
barbless fly once the catch limit is reached.
On the Commeragh River, where worming is permitted,
once the daily catch limit is reached, further worming is
prohibited and anglers must revert to catch and release
angling with a single barbless hook.
There is also a catch limit of three sea trout of UNDER 40cm
per day throughout the season and again fishermen must
revert to catch and release angling with single barbless hooks.
Also note that ALL salmon caught, INCLUDING kelts and
baggots, must be recorded in the logbook.  


Wednesday, January 29, 2014


It was a day for the Students of the First Year AONAD Class 1D
 at Coláiste na Sceilge, Caherciveen, because they were up at the Waterville Hatchery, and as you can see by the photos they learnt a lot about their fishery, guided by Mr. Rod Robinson of the W.F.D.G. and after their trip to the hatchery I believe the students had to write a 10 page essay on their trip to the hatchery all I can say is, their grammar would be better than mine, so I will stick to the camera. so well done to all who helped to release my Noble Salmon Fry. The students were from the First Year AONAD Class 1D at Coláiste na Sceilge, Caherciveen. They were accompanied by Miss
Condon. (The aonad is the gaelic speaking/learning unit at the school) Now we head down stream to Lough Currane and straight to the Kelt department Local Gillie Mr. Michael Dwyer, caught 6 Salmon Kelts, 5 spent Sea Trout, and topped that with a fine 2 lbs Brown Trout, and Mike was telling that he had 4 more good strikes and that was his ration for day. Wind NNE light to fresh with heavy showers for most of the day.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


My Noble Anglers got out today after a 2 day rest bite but sadly still waiting for that allusive first Salmon, so on that note we head over to the Kelt department, Mr. Michael O’Sullivan of Waterville boats and at caught 4 this afternoon and had 2 on at the same time and just for the record one of them was a fine 3 lbs spent Sea Trout and staying in the Kelt department Mr. Neil O’Shea of caught 3 Kelts, all caught on the troll. Wind NE light to fresh with reasonable cloud cover with light showers at times.

Monday, January 27, 2014


First Salmon caught in Kerry 2014
by Mr.Gerald O'Shea
Lough Currane has been at a standstill for the last two day’s with storm force WSW to WNW winds howling across Kerry. So we will go up to the River Flesk where Mr. Gerald O'Shea from Tralee landed 11lb fresh Salmon on a worm. All I can say is congratulations to Gerald for catching the first Salmon in Kerry in 2014 on the opening day, and may it be the first of many for the Kerry Fishery. And just for the record the facts and photo were very kindly sent to me by

Sunday, January 26, 2014


I will not be putting today’s facts for good reason. On behalf of all the Anglers and the good people of Waterville, I would like to extend our sincere
Sympathy, to our Chairman, Mr. Michael Roden, and his family
and friends, on the recent passing of  his Mother R.I.P.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Lough Currane was on the wild side for most of the day with violent gusts, and heavy showers, and if there were any anglers manipulating, you could say they were mad dogs and Englishmen. Amount of rainfall yesterday was 16.1 mm.                      

Friday, January 24, 2014


There was a good flood running down the Commeragh this morning and that was all the action on the Waterville Fishery, because my Noble Anglers took to the high stool and my Noble Salmon Said cheers to that, but I know what I said, but alas this is a family blog, need I say more. Wind SW fresh and overcast and raining at times.                  

Thursday, January 23, 2014


There were a few more reported out fishing and going by the lack of sound on my mobile phone, they all failed to register the first Salmon. Wind NW fresh and overcast with heavy showers. Just for the record the Inland fisheries reminded me to let you know that, Anglers are reminded that all kelts must be carefully handled, safely returned and recorded in your logbook

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


There were just 2 boats manipulating and both failed miserably in their duties without any fear of contradiction, so the least said the soonest mended and their quotes I can’t repeat.              

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Again my noble Anglers failed miserably in catching and reporting their catches, be it fresh or spent. Wind WNW fresh with the showers.          

Monday, January 20, 2014


Bob and his client 
Lough Currane was like a milk pond for most of the day, but this didn’t deter a few boats manipulating, but alas they all failed miserably in their duties in procuring my Noble Wild fresh Atlantic Salmon. The same couldn’t be said in the Kelt department, there were at least four caught and just for the record Mr. Michael O’Sullivan of Waterville boats and of reported to me there have been at least 30 Kelts caught since the opening day and this was concurred by Mr. Neil O’Shea of          

Sunday, January 19, 2014


No reports of any real rod benders. On the weather front, it made another flood early this morning. Just for the record to all you Anglers, even though you may not have caught my Noble Salmon, I would appreciate if you catch my noble Kelt pleases report them.        

Saturday, January 18, 2014


A boat heads out on opening day!

 All quiet on the SW front so I Have poached a Photo from      

Back to a warm fire after a mornings trolling!

Friday, January 17, 2014

17/1/14 Opening day

17/1/14 Great to be back on the No Spin No Fly’s zone, on this opening day of the 2014 season and I will start by wishing you all a great 2014 in all departments. Now down today’s facts, there were 12 boats manipulating and all failed miserably in their duties in the fresh wild Atlantic Salmon department, but it was good to see a good few Kelts caught,12 in total. Now to quote of the day, a renowned shooter said in his opinion we anglers were a bunch of Chicken eggs, all I can say is some Chicken some neck and that’s my quote, or is it?      
3/1/14 Wild

3/1/14 now that's wild

the big wave

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


We would remind members that the Waterville Fisheries
Development Group AGM will be held this coming Thursday
16th January 2014 at 8.00pm in the Waterville Inn. All are
invited to attend

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Waterville Hatchery full of my Noble Wild Salmon Eggs

Facts Courtesy of
This last month has seen the catch up of brood stock for the hatchery ready
for stripping for next year's stock! On the 11th of December a small team of
A seatrout digging a redd outside the hatchery

us caught 14 hen fish and 7 cocks. There were, this year, a larger number of
MSW salmon caught up, including some fine hen fish in the teens of pounds!
These fine fish are producing large amounts of eggs for the hatchery as they
fall ripe. Tom O'Shea and his father Donal managed to strip two of these hen
fish on the 22nd December and they yielded 7,500 eggs! These are already in
the trays - a good start!