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Wednesday, December 21, 2022


MR. Jonny Griffin RIP 


21/12/22 It’s with great sadness that I have to report renowned Local Gillie Mr. Johnny Griffin RIP passed away today. Johnny will be sorely missed as He heads out in his boat on to the Heavenly waters and I can say without any fear of contradiction Jhonny was a great Soldier and flyman in his own right and as you can see by the picture Johnny was also a great specimen Sea Trout hunter. On a personal note, I had many a good day fishing with Jonny and sadly that has come to an end but great memories. On behalf of all the Currane Anglers and the good People of Waterville and Kerry and your clients our Sincere Sympathies to all your neighbours and friends. As we all know Mr. Johnny Griffin RIP was known as the Soldier, well Johnny you’re a true Soldier of God now so Rest In Peace.        

Monday, December 12, 2022


 Great news from the waterville hatchery from our chairman Mr. Michael Roden, on the Waterville Hatchery. So take it away the stage is all yours. 

 Just to let you know that officers from IFI aided by some of our volunteers and our RSS staff trapped sufficient broodstock for our hatchery programme. There seemed to be plenty of good spring salmon available so only the best were retained. All are now safe and well in the hatchery awaiting stripping of their eggs in the coming weeks. 

Many thanks to all who helped. 

Happy Christmas to you all and God willing see you on January 17th! Michael