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Thursday, January 30, 2014


All quiet on the SW front in all departments, so we head for my poaching department of and take note anglers and poachers alike and I quote,
Members attention is drawn to the new Fisheries
Bye-Laws for 2014,which are published on the IFI
These new Bye-Laws will affect angling on this fishery.
In addition to the catch limits for the fishery of one fish
per day (either a Salmon or a Sea Trout OVER 40cm)
with a total limit of three fish for the period 1st January
to 11th May 2014, three fish per day between 12th May
and 31st August and one fish per day during September
and subject to a total catch limit of ten fish for the season,
once that daily catch limit has been reached any further
angling shall be on a catch and release basis only, using a
This Bye-Law will clearly affect the trolling on this fishery
as, once the daily catch limit has been taken it will no
longer be possible to continue fishing with multi - hooked
lures. Similarly fly fishermen will need to revert to a single
barbless fly once the catch limit is reached.
On the Commeragh River, where worming is permitted,
once the daily catch limit is reached, further worming is
prohibited and anglers must revert to catch and release
angling with a single barbless hook.
There is also a catch limit of three sea trout of UNDER 40cm
per day throughout the season and again fishermen must
revert to catch and release angling with single barbless hooks.
Also note that ALL salmon caught, INCLUDING kelts and
baggots, must be recorded in the logbook.  


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