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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Waterville Hatchery full of my Noble Wild Salmon Eggs

Facts Courtesy of
This last month has seen the catch up of brood stock for the hatchery ready
for stripping for next year's stock! On the 11th of December a small team of
A seatrout digging a redd outside the hatchery

us caught 14 hen fish and 7 cocks. There were, this year, a larger number of
MSW salmon caught up, including some fine hen fish in the teens of pounds!
These fine fish are producing large amounts of eggs for the hatchery as they
fall ripe. Tom O'Shea and his father Donal managed to strip two of these hen
fish on the 22nd December and they yielded 7,500 eggs! These are already in
the trays - a good start!

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