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Saturday, February 26, 2022



26/2/2022 The Brownless, Barbless anglers were left Salmonless this day and for a very good reason, Lough Currane was wild with a strong Southerly wind blowing across the lake. On that note we head the Currane anglers view and it’s all yours Martin, a UK Currane angler.

Hello Vincent I see the second brown tag is coming up , I was told today that you have to apply again for the February draw , it’s a complete and utter shambles that you have to keep sending your license number into to IfI surely once should be enough, in my eyes they are making fools out of the local anglers and visiting anglers to Waterville , and from reading your reports not many of the January drawn tags have yet to wet a line on  Waterville lake disgraceful carrying on. I think IfI will have to sit down and have a think how to they can treat anglers a little bit better than they have the last 2 years in Waterville. Martin          

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