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Wednesday, February 17, 2021


17/2/21 Good to see two Currane Brownless boats manipulating this day but with all their efforts we are still waiting for that elusive Salmon ice breaker. Knowing the Currane yearly trends as I do, we will not be waiting much longer? so get out there you Brownless and Barbless manipulators and give Covid 19 a Winston Churchill. Just for the record one of the Brownless Tags was a hand me down. Now to the complaints department, I received a text this morning informing me that Yesterday’s notes were incorrect. He text me and I quote, just for the record as you put it, there were 3 boats out and their were a few Kelts caught. All I say is my apologies but in my own defence if you anglers cannot let your fingers do the talking how do you expect me to report accurately. Wind SW and veered SE late this afternoon and overcast, followed by heavy rain.  

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