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Wednesday, February 10, 2021



10/2/21 Kelts were the order of the day in the Barbless and Brownless department, just for the record there were a total of four boats out on this freezing cold day, two Brownless Tags of which 1 was a hand me down Brown Tag, followed by two Barbless boats. Wind E and veered SE at times. On the temperature front 3C felt like -3C. Now we head for the Email department of the No Spin No Fly’s Opinion Zone. UK Anglers the Hampshire Hogs have their say,    


Vincent, sad to see what the Irish Govt are allowing to continue, supposedly legally while Currane's anglers are made to pay the price, when it is a proven fact that the impact of rod and line angling is negligible on salmon stocks. Trevor.

Now Nigel gives his opinion.

What are the Irish Fisheries playing at? The Brown Tag fiasco - nobody appears to be fishing. Combination of Covid travel restrictions and few tags held locally, I guess. Ghillies should have been handed tags (it's their place of work. It's what they do!). Put the rest up for lucky dip. Good intentions but not thought through. AS if that's not enough, I read the Salmon farm is still running and about to restock. Predictable they would appeal the decision to close. Given the potential ( proven?) impact of their activities upon wild populations, decision ordering closure should have required ceasing ongoing ops pending appeal. Or something similar. Madness. Rod and line is no threat to wild stocks. So why are the rod fishermen (and the broader community of Waterville) being ignored in such manner. Nigel (Hampshire Hogs).   

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