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Friday, February 5, 2021



5/2/21 Going by spy Gate there were 5 boats out today, 4 which were brown tag boats and 1 barbless boat. Just for a matter of interest, 2 of the brown tag boats today were hand me down tag boats. Wind light to fresh NNW followed by showers. Now we head for the No Spin No Fly’s Opinion Zone. Tonight’s comment comes from Noel.

Vincent if you get the data from the fish counter for the last 5 years will you please put up on your blog as I’ve tried everywhere and I can’t find it , surely if the IFI bring in brown tags, surely they have to publish data to show why they’ve been introduced , I think Murray is right, a lot of illegal things seem to be happening to Waterville fishery, I’ve been coming to Waterville a good number of years now golfing and every time I have asked what about counter and what numbers go through, the answers I get are don’t know and it doesn’t work, so please Vincent can you get this for me as I may be able to help in the legal side of things, Noel




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