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Tuesday, April 2, 2024


2/4/2024. The lonesome boatman of  reports there were five boats out and all reels were silent today, but their language was fluent, so on that poetic note we head for the weather, wind SE, SSE,S,SSE light and overcast all day and followed by April showers. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 2.5mm. amount of sun 4.0, maximum air temperature 13.2 c.

Sadly, now we head for Currane anglers who are not amused of the actions that have been taken place this 2024 season?  I received this today.


Hi Vincent is it true that we are not allowed to camp on the shores of the upper lakes anymore because the farmers don’t want us there , I find this very hard to believe because I always got on with all the farmers and they always said we are welcome here anytime , in my opinion it’s the club creating their own new rules and they have forgotten about the people that have supported them for years, I’m not very happy with these new rules so i might have to find new place to fish, from a very unhappy and let down angler.   

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