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Friday, April 26, 2024



1 boat had 11 brown trout on the fly biggest 1 1/2 lbs. Met a good few more.

26/4/2024. The Currane anglers were all quiet in all departments this day. Wind NE light to fresh, followed by reasonable cloud cover. In the past I have been criticized for mentioning other fishery’s, well tough, because in my opinion all fishery’s of Ireland should be important to all anglers, the reason I say this is because I had a text sent a week ago and yes I have failed miserably in my duties, so the stage is yours Phil.

    Good evening, Vincent, Thank you for posting some of my recent comments regarding the ongoing saga at the Upper lakes with Chris & the Mad Fisherman. They’re a great bunch of guys who’ve really put the Waterville lakes on the map in what are difficult times. Considerate & decent people. I do hope this all gets sorted soon. Such a sad shame to see at present. On a different note, we have our own battles further north up in Leitrim & beyond on the great Irish wild trout loughs.


The loughs have so many problems today, be it pollution, Algae blooms, invasive species, climate change….. they need help. There are a lot of competitions on the lakes, and in the past the lakes were strong enough to absorb the pressure, but not anymore. The trout “killing competitions” are now a threat to the loughs future and Catch & Release in the trout competitions is important. I don’t mean catch and release for pleasure anglers who enjoy taking some fish for the pot or smoker. I do this myself on a controlled basis. However, on competition days when winds & conditions ate favourable it can lead to huge fish kills that put. pressure on the great wild loughs of Ireland. With modern technology that wasn’t available to our predecessors, we can use this technology to run successful catch & release competitions as an alternative.

I am helping organise a show piece C&R competition at Rossinver Fishery on Lough Melvin in Leitrim. It’s a major event from 6th -9th June. We’ve got really big prizes just to emphasise that it is possible to do this on the big stage despite what others say. I hope you can appreciate why we are doing this. and hopefully give it your blessing & leg your followers know about it.

Full details are on our website at

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