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Saturday, April 6, 2024



6/4/2024. Storm Kathleen was the only angler out this day, sadly the Currane anglers didn’t fancy going out with sweet Kathleen and quite rightly so too. Another fan of the Mad Fisherman gives his take on this great loss to the Waterville Fishery, Hi Vincent, it’s very sad that Vincent Donnelly doesn't fish the upper lakes anymore. The way he promoted Waterville, and the lakes was second to none. The way he was treated by the club was a disgrace. Also, the "no camping anymore" is just another stupid rule being made up as they go. The landowners have absolutely no issues in camping there. Once again politics and egos take control. Hopefully he will find a new spot and the people there will appreciate his videos and his promoting. Now back to today’s weather wind strong SW followed by strong gusts up to 109 km/h and followed by broken cloud and showers. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 20.2mm, amount of sunshine 0.0, maximum air temperature 13.5c                    

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