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Friday, April 5, 2024



5/4/2024 I start today’s Currane news on a first-class comment on the Mad Fisherman, by Pat, the stage is yours Pat.

Vincent Donnelly and his YouTube videos promoted Waterville better than any Kerry tourism board could," many anglers overseas see how magical and beautiful Waterville is through his videos and many are in them,  fishing has become very slack the last number of years but a few of us still go to Waterville just to enjoy the place the beautiful scenery fishing is secondary if we catch nothing fine if we do it’s a bonus "spend our money on the local economy have the craic in the bars after, life too short enjoy it for the moment that’s in it, you only get one trip on the bus, be nice to see Vincent back down there sure we might give him an Oscar,  Pat.


Now to today’s No Spin No Fly’s just Facts.


All the Currane anglers flies and lures were a no go and for good reason, it was wild out there with gusts up to 76 km/h average speed 51 km/h, overcast all day and followed by rain in the afternoon. So, you can say storm Olivia had her say today, now it’s storm Kathleen that hits Kerry around 7am so batten down the hatches. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 15.7mm, amount of sunshine 1.9, maximum air temperature 13.2c.                

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