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Monday, April 8, 2024


8/4/2024. There were four boats out and all quiet on all fronts this day as sweet Kathleen left the Currane waters. Wind NNE and veered NNW fresh to strong, average speed 40 km/h, average gusts speeds 50 km/h plus. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 4.1mm, amount of sunshine 9.0, maximum air temperature 12.2c.

 Now to the Currane anglers View from Pat, on the Mad Fisherman and his fellow Currane anglers. The stage is yours Pat.

 Fair play to Chris for being honest posting it was him that was told no camping up by the lakes and not Vincent the mad Fisherman,  one thing I will say I've made friends down in Waterville over the years I have put them up in my house when they were up in cork for hospital appointments "concerts and flying out of cork on holidays never did I take a cent off of any of them, I got invites back but I have three kids that love fishing and I wouldn't impose on anyone with three kids in tow" I book in in Waterville with them a few years ago we'd rent a house or stay in the bayview which they loved Haulie and the staff were great to them, what I'm saying is it cost nothing to be nice especially in this day and age" and money isn't everything there no trailer on a hearse, there's few joys left in life family camping and fishing, seriously I hope sense prevails and we can all enjoy our weekends away in Waterville again.

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