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Sunday, April 14, 2024



14/4/2024. Lough Currane was all quiet this day, wind WSW fresh to strong, followed by a few showers. I was reading comments today on the Honest fisherman and his good friend the Mad fisherman, so the comments are still coming in, let’s continue on the Honest fisherman and the Mad Fisherman’s saga and my brilliant quote of the day comes from Phil, when you read it I don’t think you will be disappointed, so the stage is yours Phil, so take it away, Just seems crazy to stop the guys camping up at the mountain lakes. They produce such entertaining videos providing probably as much enjoyment for viewers as they get from making them. The “friendly farmers” also seem in on the fun helping clear the camp spot & bringing up logs etc. They all seem a great & friendly bunch, leaving the place as they found it from what I can see. What’s the issue here? I can’t see any, except for a committee member that doesn’t like to see others enjoying themselves….. but I suppose there are some individuals like that everywhere.  

Yesterday’s weather amount rainfall 0.9mm, amount of sunshine 8.3, maximum air temperature 11.9c.  









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