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Monday, April 15, 2024



15/4/2024. Everything comes to those who wait, there was a fine 11lbs. Salmon caught on the fly, by the Currane Pros, so congratulations to the Pros, for the rest of the Curran anglers their lines were slack going by my WhatsApple. Wind fresh to strong NE, followed by heavy showers. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 2.6mm, amount of sunshine 0.6, maximum air temperature 12.4c. On that positive note we head for the Honest and Mad fisherman’s saga and for good reason there was a first-class comment from Phil, take it away Phil the stage is yours, Jerry, Sounds like a sensible idea calling a meeting to resolve this silly new rule. The sooner the better (spoken as a subscriber & follower of the Mad Fisherman YouTube channel. As it stands It’s doing damage to reputation and wider public opinion of the club. It’s being discussed in all corners of Ireland. A return to the way things have traditionally been run would be the sensible thing to do. Why change things if they weren’t broken.

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