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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

12/6/12 and updates of the past week

Angler from the USA
12/6/12 US Angler fishing with his Gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy and of  caught a 7.5lbs Salmon on the troll and in the Sea Trout department John Claude of France caught a 2lbs Sea Trout on the fly, with his Gillie MR. frank Donnelly of 

Now for some updates

 8/6/12 Mr. Sian Brain of  caught one Salmon on the Commeragh. 9/6/12 Cork Angler caught a fine 10lbs Salmon on The Commeragh and just for the record the Commeragh Facts were given to me by Mr. Mike Thian, renowned local Angler.12/6/12  Mr. Michael O’Sullivan of Waterville Boats and @ reported to me today his catches in the past week in his hired out boat department and they are as follows, Mr. Malcolmson and Group from Northern Ireland, caught up to 10 Sea Trout of which the best was 3lbs and in the loss department Mr. Jonathon Brush lost 2 Salmon in the 8 and 9lbs class, all on the fly, Jan Mertens  and his fishing group, caught 14 Sea Trout of which the best was 4lbs and last but not least Mr. Michael Bonner of Co Donegal caught 2 Sea Trout ranging from 2lbs up to 3.5lbs all on the fly. 

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