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Monday, October 1, 2012


First of Many of my Noble Salmon

Straight too the Salmon Department and fish of the day, and that goes too Mr. Paul Lentelink who caught his first ever Salmon on the Fly while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Vincent O’Sullivan and of now too the Sea Trout department Mr. patsy Quilligan of Cork, caught a nice bag of Juniors, and other Anglers did catch a few Juniors, now we cut across the Valley too the River Inny and in the striking, were Mr. Mike Teahan, he caught a fine Salmon on the Spin, also in good form was, Mr. Noel Clancy of Waterville and His Gillie Sian Brain and of with two Salmon caught on the fly, and last but not least a Guest fishing with his Gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy and of caught 2 Salmon all were Grilse. There Was a great party in the Lobster this evening, and on all behalf of all the anglers I would like thank, Mrs Shelia O’Carroll and the Staff of the Lobster Bar for a great night and a good party was had by all, Mr. Brian O’Carroll presented a framed photograph of Mr. Mike Dwyer and his 15 lbs Salmon,  too Mike, in memory of his Father Mr. Denis O’Carroll, the rest of the Trophies will be presented on the very last day of the Sea Trout season on the 12 of October, and going by tonight the crack should be good.                                      

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