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Saturday, March 16, 2013


There were a few boats out manipulating on the Lake, so we will go straight to the C&R department, Mr. Anthony Breen, of Wexford, fishing in a hired out boat from Waterville Boats and of   caught a fine 10 lbs Salmon on the troll on the South side, and for the rest of we anglers the least said the soonest mended. Now to the poaching department, of  
  We are very pleased to report that Ann Curran who runs the LondisStore in Waterville has kindly agreed to take over the handling ofthe sale of Waterville Fisheries Development Group membershiptickets together with permits for the Group's beats on the Inny andCummeragh and boat hire on the Upper Lakes. Ann continues to sellFishing Licences for Inland Fisheries Ireland. Telephone bookings maybe made through the Londis Store on Tel. 0669474253.The boats on the Upper Lakes here are now deployed for the 2013 season!There are two boats available on Lough Derriana and one each on LoughsCloonaghlin and Na Mona. This year we are hoping to also gain access for a boaton Lough Na Huisce. Watch this space!These Upper Lakes have been much underrated as brown trout fisheries in thepast, particularly as the excellent duck fly hatches produce great sport withgood quality brown trout in the spring.This year we are offering special rates for fly fishing for brown trout to membersof the Waterville Fisheries Development Group. Fly fishing only, on Derriana,Na Mona and Cloonaghlin, will cost just €25 a day until the 30th April 2013!Be sure to show your membership card when booking at the Londis Store inWaterville to avail of this special 'Duck Fly Deal'!!

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