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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

please let me go
There was some great action with the C&R fly rod and the videophone, all the action came from Mr. Paul Lawton of Cork and his fly rod and what a cracker of a Sea Trout he caught and as you can see by the picturs and Video taken by Mr. Peter Muldoon of Co. Cork and not forgetting their Gillie and netsmen Mr. Liam Ellis of Waterville and Cork, fair play to the lads they rang Dr, Willie Roach of the Inland fisheries to give a scientific estimated weight, so we will let the good Dr. have the last word on the size of Paul’s Noble Sea Trout. Based on previous length and weight information for specimen sea trout from Lough Currane Willie Roche from Inland Fisheries Ireland estimated that this enormous sea trout weighed 14.75 lbs or 6.69 kg.  This estimate was based on length and weight information from 57 sea trout from the Lough Currane system over the past three years and was provided by the Irish Specimen Fish Committee. In 2011 UK angler Sean Smith had a specimen of 13 lbs 5 ozs (6.04 kg), a record sea trout for the fishery, which was 83 cm in length. Lough Currane has been the most consistent producer of large sea trout for many decades and the record for the lake has been broken a couple of times in recent years. Now for the rest of the news in the Sea Trout department. In the words of Denis Dennehy, Vincent, I had five juniors on Currane today before gusting winds thwarted any further efforts. For the record other anglers recorded just a few Juniors to their rod so we will let Paul take the limelight. On the weather front, wind SE and overcast with strong gusts at times and made one big flood early this morning.
Paul the C&R Expert


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    1. Sorry that I missed your comment, on the 3/10/13 I will make your comment of the day in todays notes. Again sorry for this discrepancy


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