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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


News and Events October 2013
News from the hatchery!
13,500 fry have now been released into the upper catchment!
Tom O'Shea has produced 20,000 fish from the hatchery this year,
a massive increase from the same number of broodstock salmon.
A total of 15 hen fish and 9 cock fish, caught up on the Cummeragh
River last December have produced this amazing result. This week the fish
were graded for size and the smaller fry released. The grown on parr are to
be finclipped towards the end of November and a proportion released into
the system. As reported earlier, 5 fin clipped grilse were caught this last
season from the stocking in 2011, a very good result from the 4500 total
of fish stocked.

The Waterville Fisheries will be represented this coming weekend at the
Fly Fair in Galway! Tadhg O'Sullivan, chairman of our local steering committee
and Secretary, Kevin O'Sullivan will represent us a t this poular fair and hopefully
generate new business for the Wateville Community!

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