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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

18/2/14 Net was out sorry for the delay

First caught on Lough Currane by Bob
Lough Currane has seen the biggest storms in years, but today we have something to celebrate, yes you have it, the first Salmon was caught on the troll, weighing in at 9 lbs, caught by Local Gillie Mr. Bob Priestley and just for the record my noble Salmon was lightening fresh, and it wasn’t long before Bob headed straight for the Lobster to celebrate the first Salmon and in his words and I quote, 4 weeks and one day to catch the first Salmon, all I can say is worth waiting for.                       

Kerry Wood
At last logged on
 Red Alert, and I can tell you  Eureka Lodge was on the tree stock market and there was an almighty crash as you can see by the photos, I and Margaret had a lucky escape, thanks to the cat who ran for it 45 seconds before the downfall, as you can imagine we weren’t far behind. Now for the fishing results, you must be joking, need I say more. 13/2/14 A calmer day but still wild. 14/2/14 All quiet on the SW front and no news that would get the angling enthusiasm going. 15/2/14 Still waiting for my Noble allusive Salmon. 16/2/14 There were a few boats out and again they all failed miserably in their duties. 17/2/14 Again my Noble Anglers couldn’t produce the King of the Atlantic, my Noble Salmon. On the rain front, the amount of rainfall so far for February is a massive 192.2 mm, last year the total amount of rainfall for February was 77.7 mm            

Your Family tree

Not the end a New beginning

No Surrender 

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