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Monday, May 9, 2016


Mr. John Eames
9/5/16 Again Lough Currane produced some great fishing in all departments and we start with my Fish of the day and for good reason and that goes to UK angler, Mr. John Eames, who caught his first ever spring Salmon on the fly, weighing at 7lbs. While fishing with his Gillie MD and staying with the fly, another UK angler who also was in good form with the fly and no stranger to Lough Currane was Mr. Dave Eccelstone, while fishing with his Gillie, caught two Salmon. Now we head for the trolling hired out Boat department, Mr. Paul Hyland, fishing out of caught a fine 8 ½ lbs. Salmon on the troll and now we head for the Hired out boat department  of Waterville Boats and at renowned Scottish Angler Mr. Alistair Dunbar, caught a fine 8 ½ lbs Salmon on the troll and by all accounts Alistair will have to stand the Commander-in-chief  of Waterville Boats and at Mr. Michael O’Sullivan a drink and for good reason, he provided the Rapala that caught his fine fish, or you could say a Scottish fish with an Irish connection. Wind SE fresh with good  cloud cover with light rain this evening

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