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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


10/8/16 They say you can’t keep a good angler from rising to the top, well today was a perfect example of that and yes you have it, Cork Angler Mr. Tom Murphy’s words of wisdom were brought out in practice today and I quote, the trout were off today so I tried a bit of Salmon Fishing and I can tell you one thing it wasn’t long before his fly rod was bent double into a almighty Salmon and Tom had won hell of a battle with his 10 lbs. Salmon and as his Salmon came to the surface he had one swipe with the Net and the rest is history. Tom’s next port of call was the Waterville Inn to celebrate his catching of his 10 lbs. Salmon and I will let his good friend, Mr. Brendan Spillane have the last word on Tom’s day out on Lough Currane and again I quote, Your fishing well Tom, No Spin No fly’s just facts. Now for the rest of the News and the news is the rest of my Noble Anglers failed miserably in their duties what they need is a few lessons in the art of presentation both in the Salmon and Sea Trout department. Wind North light to fresh with reasonable cloud cover at times but mainly sunny.              

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