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Sunday, January 22, 2017


22/1/17 There were a few boats out this first Sunday of the season and the only angler who did a Billy Donegan of and I quote Billy’s catch phrase ie let your fingers do the talking. So lets get to the action, Kildare and Waterville Angler Mr. Noel. Clancy certainly let his fingers do the talking and going by his text, Noel had some good action in the trolling department, but sadly it was all in the Kelt department, he caught two Salmon Kelts and finished his day off with a cracker of a fish so he thought until he brought it close to the boat, experienced told him that it was a fine spent Sea Trout of about 8 lbs give or take and thankfully all his fish were released safe and sound. Wind ESE light with reasonable cloud cover with the light shower. Air temperature 8c felt 6c.    

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