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Tuesday, May 3, 2022


 Spring Salmon of 
2022 so far!  
 3/5/2022 All the Currane fantastic action came from two US anglers, Mr. Robert Ivy and fellow US angler Mr. Matthew Grayson, fishing out  so let’s head up stream to Lough Currane with Robert and Matthew and their Gillie for their day’s cracking action, they were trolling the waters of Currane this morning, come 10.30 there was one almighty crack of a reel singing the Gillie’s tune, that’s Him, I can tell you Matthew had one almighty battle with his  Wild Atlantic Salmon but it wasn’t long before Mathew took control, it wasn’t long either before the gillie had the chance to net this fine 17 ½ lbs. Salmon and the rest is history. Well, the action didn’t stop their because come 12.30 it was Robert’s turn to hear that same tune, that’s him and Robert had a good battle with his C&R 9 lbs. Wild Atlantic Salmon, one can say a good day was had by all and just for the record Mathew’s 17 ½ lbs. Salmon is Spring Salmon of the year so far so congratulations to Matthew and Robert and their Gillie. Wind NNW light with good cloud cover.            

Robert and his C&R

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