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Sunday, January 17, 2010


17/1/10 Great to be back reporting to you all, on the No Spin no Fly’s just Facts zone, and today’s Facts are, on Lough Currane, there were 15 boats out, wind SSW light and sunny with the odd heavy shower this morning, but there was only one angler who went twelve rounds with My noble gentlemen and knocked out a fine 11lbs Salmon on the troll off the Bank of the Church and that was Mr. Will Hamill of Dublin, I asked Will, what did you catch it on and he replied a left hook and being a top class boxer one
expect anything less, so remember all you anglers you may think you fly like a butterfly casting your flies or trolling you’re lures but Will Stings like a Bee in the ring as well as outside the ring as my Noble Salmon found out on this opening day of the 2010 Season and just to let you know there will be day by day report.

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