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Monday, July 12, 2010


Up dated
In the fly department, Mr. Stephen Galvan caught 2 Sea Trout in the 2lbs class, and in the afternoon Stephen caught 4 Juniors on the troll. Mr. Kevin O’Sullivan, of Lake road Waterville, caught 3 Sea Trout up to 1.5lbs,Mr. Kevin Sionet, Mr. Jerry Dwyer, caught 12 Sea Trout, ranging from Juniors up to 3lbs, Mr Nick Bell caught 6 Sea Trout, Mr. Alan Houlian and Mr. Brian Barry caught 15 Sea Trout, from Jubiors up to 3lbs, now we cut across the Lake to the North Side, Mr. Denis McArthur, caught 6 Sea trout, Mr. John Whelan, caught 5 Sea Trout from Juniors up to 5.5lbs, Mr. Will Taylor caught 3 Juniors, Mr. Breen, caught 3 Sea Trout from Juniors up to 2.5lbs, Mr. Brian Maybury, caught 6 Sea Trout ranging from Juniors up to 3.5lbs, Mr O’Connor, caught 4 Sea Trout. Now For a mixture of Salmon and Sea Trout, Mr. Kevin Crowley and Mr. Neil Spellacy caught 11 Sea Trout, and finished the day off with a Salmon, and Just for the record Their Gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea, informed me that they returned all the Sea Trout, now for catch of the day with two Sea Trout caught on the troll, goes to, two young Lady’s, Miss, Georgia and Leah O’Dwyer, fishing with their Dad and well know local Gillie Mr. Mike O’Dwyer, now back to the fly department, Mr. Mark knawels and Mr. Finbar Donavaghon fishing with their Gillie Mr. Dominic Mc Gillicuddy, caught 7 Sea Trout, from Juniors up to 3lbs, Mr Chris Barret, fishing with his Gillie Mr. Bob Priestly, caught 6 Sea Trout on the fly, ranging from Juniors up to 2lbs, in the trolling department, Mr. Vincent Appleby, caught four Sea Trout, all in the Junior class. Now we head for the upper Lakes and Loch NA Mona, a guest fishing with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea, caught 1 sea trout. Now we head across the valley to the River Inny, Local Gillie Mr. Terence Wharton Jnr, caught 1 Salmon and just for the record there was a good spate coming down the Commeragh and there a good few Anglers manipulating early this morning and at present there is no reports of any rod benders, but you can be sure there were a few fish caught?. Wind SSE light to calm with light rain for most of the day, amount of rainfall 0.6mm, max air temperature 16.7c.

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