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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Top, Picture Winner Mr. John Buckley, middle picture, a special presentation by our Chairmen Mr. Michael Roden of a portrait of fly Fishermen in the Mouth of the Commeragh To Mr. John Murphy who was our previous Manger and I might add, John did a first class job on the Waterville Fishery.
bottom picture and second prize went to Cork Angler Mr. Murphy.

The winner of the Waterville Fisheries Development Group, Catch and Release competition, was Mr. John Buckley of Killarney, who caught 10 fish worth 3250 points and captured 1st prize of a 19 foot Lake Boat, Mr. Daniel Dinger Murphy came second with 2750 points and won a Electric outboard motor, the longest fish over the two day competition was 55cm was caught by Mr. Kevin O’Sullivan, now to the top ten prize winners in full. Mr. John Buckley 10 fish for 3250 points, Mr. Daniel Dinger Murphy, 8 fish for 2750 points, Mr. Rod Robinson, 7 fish for 2220 points, Mr. John Murphy, 6 fish for 1890 points, Mr. Neil O’Shea, 5 fish for 1570 points, Mr. Kevin O’Sullivan 4 fish for 1450 points, Mr. Bill O’Dea, 4 fish for 1310 points, Mr. Julian Smith 4 fish for 1290 points, Mr. John Curnew, 4 fish for 1280 points, Mr. Jim Sayers, 4 fish for 1270 points. Now to other anglers on Lough Currane, there was just one report of a fine Grilse caught by Mr. Keenan fishing with his gillie Mr. Bob Priestly and in the none competition Sea Trout department, cork angler. Mr. John Quilligan fishing with his clients from Wales, caught 4 Sea Trout up to 2lbs, now we head for the higher lakes and Lough Namona, Local angler Mr. John Young caught 2 Sea Trout both in the 2lbs class, on Lough Derriana, Dr. Tim Gleason, caught 2 fine Sea Trout both in the 2 to 3lbs class.

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