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Friday, October 1, 2010


Well you don’t have be a rocket scientist to know that today was the last day of the 2010 Salmon and Sea Trout season, and the traditional Bacon and Cabbage end of season party in the famous Lobster Bar, but first here are the Salmon and Sea Trout Ireland results, on the famous Butler Pool and of there were 2 Salmon caught, now we head up stream to Lough Currane, In the sea trout department, Mr. Barry Hegarty and Mr. Mike Jones, caught 6 Sea trout up to 1,5lbs and 3 Broun up to 1lbs, Mr, Drew Brown, fishing with his Gillie Mr. Bob Priestly, caught 6 Sea trout up to 2lbs, Mr. Rob Elson of the UK, caught 7 Sea Trout from Junior class up to 1.5lbs, Mr. Christopher O’Sullivan of the UK caught 3 Sea Trout with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea, Mr. Mick Martin fishing with his Gillie Mr. Dominic Mc Gillicuddy, caught 14 Sea Trout, from Junior class up to 3lbs, Mr. Dave Ecclestone of the UK and Mr. John Young of Waterville, fishing with their Gillie Mr. Vincent O’Sullivan, caught 15 Sea Trout from Junior class up to 1.5lbs and Dave was telling me that they moved a good may more. Now to the poaching department our manger Mr. Trevor Stafford of reports on other catches from Lough Currane, Mr. Paul Hyland caught 8 sea Trout ranging from Junior Class up to 2 to 3lbs, Mr. McCarthy, caught 5 Sea Trout, and last but least, Reverend Humphrey’s, caught 19 Sea Trout over the past few days. Now to the famous Lobster Bar, there was a good party had by all, and on behalf of all we Anglers and none anglers alike, I would like to Thank the Landlord Mr. Dennis O’Carroll and his good wife Sheila, of the Lobster Bar and their Staff for a great evening, Now to the winners of the cups, the Cup for the first salmon of the 2010 Season went to Mr. Will Hamill of Dublin, the cup for the first Salmon caught on the fly went to Mr. Tommy Duggan of Kilkenny, the cup for the biggest Salmon of 17lbs7oz went to Master George Commins of Australia and his Gillie Mr. Dominic Mc Gillicuddy, who excepted the cup on his behalf, the cup for the Biggest Sea Trout in Kerry went to Mr. Liam Ellis of Cork, with a record Sea Trout of 12 lbs 13.57oz and those are your facts on the No Spin No Fly’s just facts Zone, I hope you enjoyed reading the Salmon and Sea Trout notes as much as I did writing them and I look forward to 2011 on January 17th see you then.

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