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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Mr. kevin Coombs of Tiverton Devon. caught his first salmon on the River Inny, fishing with his gillie Mr. vincent Appleby.
Now we cut across the valley to Lough Currane and the Salmon and the Sea Trout department , Mr. Rob Elson of the UK, fishing with his Gillie Mr. Terence Wharton Snr, caught a fine 8 lbs salmon and finished the day off with 2 Sea Trout and staying with the Sea Trout, Mr. Chris O’Sullivan of the UK caught 2 Sea Trout fishing with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea, Mr. Mick Martin fishing with his Gillie Mr. Dominic Mc Gillicuddy, caught 7 sea trout up to 2lbs, Now to the poaching department, our Manger Mr. Trevor Stafford of reports On Lough Currane and the Upper Lakes, I will start down stream on Lough Currane, Mr. Ger McCarthy and his good friend caught 5 Sea Trout, Mr. Michael Roden and Mr. Willie Walsh, caught 3 Sea Trout, with their Gillie Mr. Junior Scully, Mr. Colin Batemen of the UK, caught 6 sea Trout, also in good form was Mr. John Bojter of the UK, with 4 Sea trout to his Rod, Mr. Bill Piercy caught 3 Sea trout with his Gillie Mr. Sylvester Donnelly, Now Trevor takes you upstream to the higher Lakes, On Lough Namona, Mr. Tim O’Sullivan and Mr. Roger Richards, caught one Sea Trout, in the 2.5lbs class and on Lough Derriana, Mr. Paul and Kieran Hyland, caught 6 Sea Trout from Junior Class to up to 2 to 3lbs and added 3 Brown Trout to their Basket

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