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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Brown trout and Sea trout update.

Sea Trout update Lough Currane. The hired our boat department.
Mr. Jim Restrick caught 2 Sea Trout, one in the 3lbs class and finished the day off with a fine Sea Trout in the 4lbs class

Now to the poaching department, our manger, Mr. Trevor Stafford of is reporting that on Lough Cloonaghlin, Mr. John Walsh and Family, caught a good few Brown Trout, and his Son Owen caught a fine Sea Trout in the 1lbs class, and staying with the upper lakes on Lough Derriana, Dr. Tim Gleason, caught 8 Brown trout and finished the off the day with a Sea trout.

Mr. Mark Doorman fishing with his gillie Mr. Bob Priestly, caught 5 Sea Trout up to 1.5lbs, in the hired out boat department, an angler caught 3 Sea Trout up to 2.¾ lbs and staying with the hired out boat department, another angler had a good catch of 7 juniors. Dutch Angler Mr. Tim Valderrlann, caught 3 Juniors, with his Gillie Mr. Terence Wharton Snr, now we head up for the Higher Lakes and Lough Derriana, Mr. Mike O’Dwyer reported to me that, Mr. Peter Cox caught 2 Sea Trout, then Peter and his fishing Colleagues headed back down stream to Lough Currane and it wasn’t long before they had a few rod benders, and the facts are as follows’ Mr. Peter Cox 2 Sea Trout, Mr. Derek Hallam 2 Sea Trout and last but not least Mr. Garry Tompson 3 Sea Trout

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