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Saturday, April 2, 2011

There was some great manipulation on Lough Currane today, I will start with the fly, in the Mouth of the Commeragh, a Guest fishing with his Gillie Mr. Dominic Mc Gillicuddy, caught a fine Salmon, and then sportingly handed the Mouth of The Commeragh to Mr. Ken Towner of the UK and his Gillie Mr. Vincent O’Sullivan and of and it wasn’t long before Ken had his fly rod bent double into a great fish of 12lbs and as Ken brought the Salmon in, Vincent had one swipe with the net and my Noble Gentlemen the Salmon was dispatched, but the action didn’t stop there, as Ken was admiring his Salmon he asked Vincent if he could hold the boat, Vincent replied its all yours, well I can tell you one thing it wasn’t long before Vincent had a smile on his face, because he caught a cracker of a Salmon of 14llbs and the biggest caught so far this season, thanks to his Guest/Gillie Mr. Ken Towner. Now to the trolling department Mr Ian Scofield and Mr Richard Haigh of the UK caught a 8lbs salmon on the troll with their gillie Mr. Sylvester Donnelly of Anglers Rest

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