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Thursday, August 11, 2011

11/8/11 Update

Mr. Michael Roden

Mr. Michael O'Sullivan.
Mr. Jeremy and William Hamilton, caught 3 Salmon weighing in at 12lbs down to 7lbs fishing with their Gillie Mr. Frank Donnelly and @ on the River Inny

There was some good fishing on the Waterville Fishery today, and I will start on the Big Lake/Lough Currane where there was some great action in the fly department, and the King of the Fly, goes to Mr. Ian Garratt of Dublin who caught his first ever Salmon the fly and not satisfied with one, Ian caught 3 more Salmon which he sportingly put back and his Gillie Mr. Michael O’Sullivan and @ was telling me that also rose 2 more, when asked where did they catch their fish Mr. Michael replied that’s classified, so on that note I will head for the Sea trout Department, no reports of any real rod Benders’ now we cut across the valley to the River Inny and fish of the day goes to Mr. Michael Roden who caught a fine 12lbs Salmon, also in good form was Mr. Martin Clancy of Cork who caught a 8.5lbs Salmon and finished his day off with 2 Sea Trout in the 2lbs class. Wind WNW then veered WSW late this afternoon light to fresh and overcast with light misty rain this afternoon.        

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