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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Worth waiting for
caught by Mr. Paul Hyland
specimen Sea trout 7lbs2ozs 
My Noble Sea Trout take all the fly headlines, so lets get down too the facts, Mr. Peter Liddle fishing with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea and of  caught a fine Sea Trout just under the 5lbs, now too Sea Trout of the day and that goes too Mr. Paul Hyland, who caught a cracker of a specimen Sea Trout weighing in at 7lbs2ozs on the north side of the Lake, Paul had a good battle with his Noble Sea trout, approximately 20 minutes too dispatch this fine specimen, and luck was on Paul’s side, as he netted his Sea Trout, his cast fell apart, and after his fine catch Paul did the same drift again and it wasn’t long before his fly rod was bent double into a fine Salmon, but alas his Noble Gentlemen the Salmon won the day too fight another day. Now we head upstream too Lough Derriana, Mr. Peter Coleman-Smith and Friends caught 12 Juniors and 20 Brownies between the two Boats, now we head down stream too Lough Namona, Mr. Denis Dennehy, caught 18 Brownies too his rod.            

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