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Friday, September 7, 2012


Update 6/9/12
Hired out boat department of Mr. David Rowan of Kildare, and Mr. Carl Owens of Dublin, caught 2 Juniors and on their evening shift caught 2 Sea Trout in the 2lbs class

We start off with the Celtic Sea Trout project, and of  Mr. James Henderson, Director of the River Nith Fishery in Scotland and of caught a fine 4lbs Grilse on the fly, with his good friend, Dr. Paddy Gargan, of the Inland fisheries Ireland and of and just for the record they were fishing out of and staying with, Enrico from Italy, caught 3 Juniors with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea and of and Neil was telling that they rose a good few Sea Trout, now too the hired out boat department of Mr Peter Purcell and Mr. Tim Gleeson, both caught a Junior each, and just for the record other anglers reported catching and releasing the odd Junior, now we head down stream too the Famous Butler Pool and of an angler caught a fine Grilse.                

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