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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

27/1/15 Breaking News First Salmon caught

Mr. Brod O'Sullivan
Brod Receives  the Paddy Carey Cup from
The Land Lord of the Waterville Inn
Mr. Damian Duff
27/1/15 At last the ice is broken on the wild Atlantic Salmon front on Lough Currane and my God it was done in style by the one and only local Gillie Mr. Brod Sullivan, who was trolling on the North side when My Noble Salmon sang the Hardy Perfect National Anthem and Brod was in for a hell of a Battle and Brod had one look at the old gentlemen and knew he was into a cracker. Experience told Brod as he was fishing on his own, its better to be save than sorry, so he called his good mate over, local Gillie Mr. Bob Priestley to give him a helping hand in netting this fine Salmon and staying with this fantastic fish it was a Hatchery Salmon, so we all should say a big thanks to all the Hatchery workers because without their good work theses notes and photos wouldn't be going out today. Once the excitement settled down, Mr. Brod Sullivan headed for the Waterville Inn and the Land Lord Mr. Damian Duff presented Brod with The Paddy Carey Memorial Cup. There are a few extra photos but I will let them tell their own story.

**** it Brod caught it first
the facts speak for them selves 

27/1/15 Breaking News 17 lbs 10 ozs Salmon caught on the troll by Mr. Brod O’Sullivan, will have all the facts and photo later.  

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