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Monday, June 22, 2015


21/6/15 We start on the South Side of the Lake in the hired out boat department of Bob from Luxemburg, caught a fine Sea Trout on the fly of 3 ½ lbs. Also in good form with the fly, was Mr. Barry Vaughn, who caught 1 junior. Now to catch of the day, and that goes to Mr. John Emes, fishing with his Gillie Mr. Mike O’Dwyer, caught a fine Grilse and finished their day off with a nice Sea Trout and just for the record John released both Game fish to fight another day. Now to the Bungalow, Mr. Hughie Reid of Ballinskelligs, drifting into the Church, caught a nice Sea Trout 3. 25 lbs. WNW light with good cloud cover.          

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