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Saturday, August 29, 2015


A fine Sea Trout caught on the fly
29/8/15 We start on the upper Lakes and Lough Derriana and the C&R fly department,  in the last few days Mr. Toby Gibbins and party from Co Mayo have had fantastic fishing with 80 Juniors caught and a few nice Sea Trout in the 2 lbs class and not satisfied with that they came down to the Big Lake/Lough Currane and showed the rest of the angling community how it should be done in style, yes you have it, today they were fishing in the hired out boat department of Mr. Matt Whitelaw of West port Co Mayo, caught a cracker of a specimen 6.56 lbs. Sea Trout out at the Sisters on a size 8 Alexandra fly, on a floating line and just for the record Matt would have released this fine fish but again sadly this fish was damaged in the gills. Staying with the Co Mayo anglers in the last few days they have had some good baskets of Sea Trout taken from Lough Currane from Junior class up to 2 lbs. For the rest of the Lough Currane anglers there wasn’t a murmur from their reels or their mobiles today but at least the paparazzi was in full swing on his Silver wing Honda. Wind SW light to fresh with reasonable cloud cover at times            

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