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Saturday, September 19, 2015


The South Side competitors

18/9/15 The Currane Championship’ Waterville’s Sea Trout Catch and Release Fly-fishing Competition got underway today and Mr Rod Robertson of gave me all the facts of the day and they are as follows, Most rods recording fish, there were quite a few Sea Trout in the 40 to 50 cm class and Local Angler Mr. Liam Ellis recorded the best of the day at 50 cm, so there is all to fight for tomorrow so let the Rod Benders commence. Now for the rest of the days fly news, I start in the apology department. I failed miserably in my duties in yesterdays notes, because I forgot to put  Mr. Tom O’Shea of catch so lets put the record straight, Mr. Colm Rigney and Keith McGovern from Co Mayo, caught and released 3 Juniors, all I can say is guilty as charged. Staying with Local Gillie Mr, Tom O'Shea of today his client, French Angler Olly, caught 3 Juniors on the drift. Now to catch of the day and that goes to UK Angler Mr. Michael Smith and for good reason he caught and a released a fine 4lbs. Sea Trout and his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of reported to me that Michael and his son Sean Smith caught two more Sea Trout and just for the record all fish were put back. Wind NNW light and overcast.


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